How do I show my last 20 posts on my homepage?

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    I have links to my ‘recent posts’ on the side via widgets. But I want my last 20 posts/articles accesible simply by scrolling down on my homepage.

    Thanks for your help!

    The blog I need help with is


    Ceratinly one way round it would be to use the “Insert More Tag” feature on each of your posts. This should be located on the Toolbar between the “Unlink” and the “Proofread Writing” button when you’re editing a post. So rather than display the full text of the post, it shows a potion of it (first couple lines, first paragraph, however much you want) with a READ MORE link taking you to the full article. This would enable you to fit more blog entries onto your home page.

    Here’s an example of a blog that utilizes this:

    Other than that, I’m not sure how to display 20 full posts. That might depend on which theme you use.


    In general, this typically isn’t a good idea as it will slow down your main page loading times and you have to consider those that are on slower internet connection and there is still a large percentage that are. Secondly, search engines consider page loading times when calculating a site’s search engine ranking and slow loading pages can cause your site to appear much further down in search results.

    Use the read more tag on longer posts and then you can set how many posts appear per page at settings > reading.

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