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How do I sign in?

  1. I can't sign in

    WP will take my username and password about 5% of the time, but 95% of the time I cannot sign in. I've had this problem ever since signing up with WordPress. Is this normal behavior for the WP site?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What happens when the sign-in fails?

  3. So I guess you can read the Daily Post newspaper if you want but I really do need an answer to my question.

  4. Did it help you to repeat my question? I'm jealous. I need help too but evidently can't get it.

  5. Okay sweetheart, you're on your own with this.

  6. I was on my own, sweetheart, from the moment you stepped in here. Good riddance.

  7. If you don't give anyone more to work on than "it's broken" nobody can even guess at what your problem is - nor can anyone even begin to help - so I guess you like broken log-in's

  8. Exactly.

  9. I heard this was a WordPress glitch, that it has a bug they've never worked out. I hope that's not true but from my experience I think it must be.

  10. My question was not "what happens when sign-in fails" as raincoaster said. I already know what happens, nothing.

    My question is voiced in my original post. Is it really that hard to understand, that when I sign in it works about 5% of the time but not the other 95% of the time? Let me add if this will help...why would WordPress not recognize my sign-in? It is typed correctly but works only part of the time.

  11. auxclass...did I say something was "broken"? Please re-read my original question.

  12. I think WordPress has a problem it can't fix. Probably sells too many things and can't do the job right?

  13. Since you were so rude to the volunteers, I guess you'll never get an answer to that or your other questions.

  14. It's been real obvious to me from the get-go that you guys can be rude but that's okay in your book. But double-standards are unfair and you know it.

    Did you have trouble the idea that I came to a conclusion on my own, and just want me to suffer your vengeance just a little more? Believe me, I'm sticking with my conclusion and don't need yours. So....let me go! Don't come back, please.

  15. Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out!

  16. wpmember7, is there any error that is displayed? Does the sign in box disappear? Are you trying to sign in on the main page or by going to

    Not knowing any of that, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser and then try again and see what happens. A corrupted cookie or cached file can sometime muck things up. Let us know what happens when you try that.

  17. thesacredpath, it just happens whenever I have to sign into WordPress. Sometimes in order to post a response to an article I'll want to sign into WordPress (which is one of the options) to do my post. But more times than not it doesn't work. What is strange is that sometimes, but rarely, it does work. I've never had this problem with signing into anything else. Thank you for trying to help. I will go get rid of my cookies and history now.

  18. Does it say that the username or password is incorrect when it fails?

    Since the blog that is referenced in your first post here is basically blank, what is the URL of the blog you are having problems with?

  19. I cleared my history and cookies. When I came here I had to sign in and it worked. (Yeah!) I will document that that is the solution so I'll know what to do next time. (My memory is getting short....)

    Yes, it said something like that but didn't say whether the username or the password was the problem, unfortunately. Actually, I'm not having a problem with the blog, that must have been one of my successful log-ins. But I think you were right about needing to get rid of cookies. Thanks so much for suggesting that!

  20. You are welcome and keep that in mind if you have that problem again, or if the dashboard gets flakey. A lot of times that fixes the issue.

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