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How do I sign up as an invited author?

  1. teamdonnybrook

    I've read all the forums and FAQs on adding multiple authors. I still can't figure it out.

    If you're in a hurry, I will say that the moral of the gigantic post below is that I would love a step-by-step set of directions for the multiple authors themselves to accept being part of my blog. There are tips on how I can invite them which are simple, but none on how they accept and become contributors to my blog, instead of creating another separate blog.

    I'm the administrator (teamdonnybrook) and I invited all my writers to the blog (they didn't have WordPress accounts yet). I also invited myself as a writer, to see how it works.

    I signed up for an account under my writer name, Angora Holly Polo. I tried to select the same url that the administrator account is at, and it wouldn't let me because someone had already taken it (me). So I created a new url.

    I didn't want to create a new blog. I wanted to add a new user (angorahollypolo)to my existing blog (teamdonnybrook). But I created a new blog.

    So I added myself (angorahollypolo) as a contributor to the blog (teamdonnybrook) the other way, the way to add multiple authors who already have accounts. Angora Holly Polo is now listed as a contributor, but I tried posting blogs as Angora Holly Polo, and nothing showed up on the main blog. I'm so mixed up on the accounts. I keep trying to update the separate profiles, and I can't tell which profile I'm in. I'm in Angora Holly Polo, yet it looks like Team Donnybrook's info. Does Angora Holly Polo have a separate account in which she can edit her profile, upload her own avatar, etc? Ideally I would like for each author's separate names and avatars to appear whenever they post. I trust them, so I wouldn't mind giving them author or even editor status (with some of them).

    Thanks for your help. Erin

  2. I haven't done this in a while. Have you looked at the FAQ?

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