How do I simply sell Amazon books on my blog

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    I am struggling to find a simple way to sell Amazon books and material on my blog. All the posts talk about a plugin but I am struggling to find out where to even load the plugin. My site is hosted by wordpress. Hope someone can help me.

    The blog I need help with is



    Did you write the books? If not, you’re probably going to run afoul of the Terms of Service here, which forbid reselling.


    Thanks Raincoaster – I wrote the books and I am promoting that.



    Then it shouldn’t be difficult. The only thing is that most of Amazon’s codes will be stripped out for security reasons. You’ll need to use the plain HTML links from the Link To Any Amazon Page rather than widget codes, etc. Once you have the plain text link, you can put that link code around an image or some text (in other words, you can configure the CONTENTS but not the link itself; that has to stay the same).

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