how do i start a new blog ? cann`t see option

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    i just made a new blog
    and i cann`t see an option for posting new blogs ..
    not even in dashboard ..if dashboard is at the top in blue color strip ..
    i also cleared my cookies but still same




    i have my account at ..
    i am logged in .. and can see my homepage ..
    But i cann`t do anything to start a new blog post since no such option appears in dashboard ..
    just these options
    __my account_ ..__claim your blog..__Press This__Blog Info



    I’m sorry I did not understand you the first go round. I thought you were asking how to get another blog.
    Right now I think your are asking how to get to your Dashboard and write a post.
    On this page find the word “Features” immediately below that click on “Your Blogs”. The page will then change.
    The new page will have this in the browser bar
    Look for the word “write” on the left of your Dashboard and click it. Choose either “write post” or “write page”. The instructions are here



    I’m sorry I have the same issue, and none of this works. I still can’t find my dashboard anywhere!



    When you guys* signed up did which option did you choose? I believe there are two now. One that says “get a blog” and the other is just an account for Akismet. What Fanee posted above suggests that you just have an account.

    Where it says “Claim Your Blog”, hit that button and see what happens. I suspect it will create the blog for you and you’ll see the rest of the options. I might be wrong though!


    *generic term, not meant gender specific!



    Good thinking, thanks :)



    cornell is totally rite.
    All people with same problem must click ‘claim your blog’ option.
    I claimed another blog and now it works , the new claimed blog has all features that i need.And in main
    when i sign in it shows only my new one under ‘Your BLOGS’.
    I guess that`s it.

    But i am still confused , can i get my previous wordpress blog back because when i try to claim it it says , it is already taken but GOD knows it only display regualr blog with no dashboard even i log in, it takes me to my new claimed blog



    When you created the previous blog, did you by any chance use a different username and password?

    If so, try logging in with that.

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