How do I stay logged into WP?

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    Is it possible to stay logged into WordPress from day to day? WP logs me out even when I close my browser (Chrome – I’ve also tested this in IE) and open it up again immediately.


    The blog I need help with is


    I’m pretty sure that they do that to help maintain security. At least they aren’t as bad as some sites I log into which log me out when I have 15 minutes of inactivity.


    I just remembered something. I’m on Mac, and I can close Safari and reopen it and still be logged in, but if I reboot or shut down my computer, I have to log in again.

    In Firefox, if I close the browser and then reopen it, I have to log back into wordpress.

    So, at least part of it seems to be browser related.


    Just a comment: I have IE8, and I only have to log in every few days. X


    It may depend on which page you log in from. I usually login from the white log-in screen. However, I just tried logging in from the grey bar at the top of the home page, which has a remember me check box, and that kept me logged in.


    OK, I feel stupid. The white log-in screen has a remember me check box as well, but it’s unchecked by default, whereas the one in the grey bar appears checked by default.

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