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How do I stop a poll appearing under my blog's footer?

  1. In one post, I have a poll which now appears on every one of my blog's pages, underneath my footers. I have tried deleting the poll, which removed it from the layout as well, but when I created a new poll in the same post, the poll appears under the footer again. Why is this happening and how do I stop it? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You're not the first person to complain of this issue. I'm not sure this will fix it but try: go to Settings->Writing and make sure "Wordpress should correct invalidly nested XHTML" and then edit the post that originally contained the poll, making any change at all and then hitting UPdate. See if that fixes it.

  3. Amy, have you tried above steps? I'm having a hard time reproducing this problem though.

    Raincoaster, could you link me the other threads you've seen with this issue?

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  4. I looked and couldn't find it, but it was at least three days ago if I recall correctly.

  5. Hi guys,

    I've tried the above steps but no luck, whatever poll in contained in that post appears again. It's most odd.

    Thanks for your time anyway.

  6. kardotim, with it being at the bottom of the page, is there any chance this is a WP inserted ad of some kind?

  7. I've just reported the problem to our developers. It seems the 'More' tag is causing this issue.

    I'll inform you once I know more. Thank you for your patience.

  8. bertholdbouman

    Why did you remove my post, that's not really helpful at all?
    What right do you have to remove it?
    We're not getting anywhere like this!

  9. @bertholdbouman Your thread has been closed, not removed. Discussing the same issue in one thread keeps it clear for everybody and easier for us to investigate.

  10. bertholdbouman

    Well, that's the same isn't it?
    Others can't react on it anymore, thanks for your 'help'.

  11. bertholdbouman

    Nothing to say now? What right do you have to close it? I insist!

  12. @bertholdbouman
    Please note that kardotim is Staff. It's a waste of time for there to be more than one thread open on the same issue. He has said:

    I've just reported the problem to our developers. It seems the 'More' tag is causing this issue.

    I'll inform you once I know more. .... Discussing the same issue in one thread keeps it clear for everybody and easier for us to investigate.

    What's need is your patience.

  13. need = needed

  14. bertholdbouman

    Then he should make himself known as staff. He didn't do that in his email, and not here either.

    I don't need patience, I already found what is causing it.

  15. Look at the background behind his username please and note the "Happiness Engineer". Also if you have received an email form Staff then please communicate by email. Posting here is a duplication of effort that wastes time.

  16. bertholdbouman

    He notified me by email he removed my topic, we were not discussing the topic by email. Not that it is any of your business. What is your interest in this topic? Internet police?

  17. bertholdbouman

    Can't even discuss anything with him as the return address of his only email is [email redacted]

  18. bertholdbouman

    @kardotim No reply? Can't reply to your email either. My thread is dead as a dodo, not much I can do is there?

  19. not much I can do is there

    You can watch this thread for updates.

    And read this thread:

  20. Surely you aren't suggesting that kardotim ought to be dropping all his other support work in favor of camping out in this thread or the other thread simply to hold your hand and pacify you, while the developers are working to resolve your issue.

  21. bertholdbouman


    I like this one: "Always promote a kind and friendly atmosphere where all users feel welcome."

    I'm sure it doesn't apply to me only.

    I feel like I'm the bad guy all of a sudden. Look at it from my perspective: I reported a problem, and posted a thread for help. The thread was closed by someone I do not know and someone who did not make himself known as administrator or moderator. I cannot mail him as he has given me the norepy address and he doesn't reply to this either, although I'm pretty sure he has read all this.

    Doesn't sound like "happiness" to me. And I don't feel welcome either, but that is of course my problem.

    Hopefully he'll say something before midnight my time, I heard tomorrow is the end of the world as we know it.

  22. If you want to control threads, start a forum.

    We do technical support here. We don't do emotional support.

  23. bertholdbouman

    Ah, another smartass. I said: Look at it from my perspective. But you obviously didn't. So I'm the badass now, just as I said.

    It was the first thread I posted on this forum, and it was closed after 5 minutes. The guy who did it does not wish to communicate with me, didn't tell me who he was, didn't give his email address and I'm very disappointed with the help I got. Furthermore, I'm apparently not allowed to say that, again, I'm the badass.

    One guy recommends me the code of conduct, and the other says we don't do emotional support.

    Screw you all.

    I have found out what the problem is and how it can be solved, I already said that, but no one is interested. Figure it out yourself.

    Nevertheless I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

    If Amybeingamy wants to get rid of the poll, contact me, I'll tell you how to do it.

  24. Screw you all.

    I'm sorry you were disappointed that your other thread was closed, but this kind of reply is simply unacceptable here. Please read our code of conduct and decide if you can abide by the standards of our community or not.

    amybeingamy and anyone else having this issue - thank you for your patience while we continue to investigate this glitch. We'll keep you updated here.

  25. We believe we've found the source of this problem and fixed this issue.

    If anyone is still having this problem on their site, please let me know. Thanks!

  26. Hi. First, sorry for my english, is very lousy!

    I don´t know how you fix it, but you did it right! My blog was having the same issue, but with 3 polls. There was something about "more" tag and the list of "most readed" in the menu?

    Anyway, many thanks to all the team! I don´t regret to choose WordPress as my bloggin platform!

    PD: @bertholdbouman, you need to relax a little. My thread was shuted down too, but it was for something, don´t you think? Keeping 1000 threads with same topic, it´s not only hard to answer, but also hard to find a solution to the people with the same problem. Think, then talk.

  27. themodernidiot

    It shows up when you reblog someone's post that has a poll on it. They must close the poll on it, or you must delete their post.

  28. camaleonx - thanks for letting me know that the problem is fixed on your site, we appreciate it!

    themodernidiot - thanks for letting me know.

    There were actually a few different circumstances on folks' sites that were causing a poll to mistakenly appear in the footer, and we hope that our fix solved all cases.

    If anyone is still seeing a stray poll in their footer, please let me know and provide a link to your site so we can take a look.

    Thanks, everyone!

  29. Aha! Smart catch!

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