How do I stop a subscriber from being subscribed as he insulted me first thing?

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    just had someone subscribe to my blog
    and meanwhile sent a message on a documentary about the moon in color :

    ” in short … Fuck You Bitch”

    How can I stop this person from being subscribed to my blog
    please can anyone help?

    The blog I need help with is


    You cannot stop someone from subscribing and even if you could delete them, they could just sign up again. You cannot really block them either. They could use a different username, or different email, and IP addresses are not unique anymore so you cannot block by IP address.

    Go to settings > discussion and set your site so that all comments must be moderated. In the “blacklist” section put their email address just to make sure.


    Thank you thesacredpath. I followed your instructions. Just a little puzzled as to why you cannot have any control over the people that subscribe to your blog.
    Oh well that’s life!
    best to you


    You cannot have control because there really isn’t anyway to control it. Even if you can delete them, what is to stop them from just visiting the site or subscribing to your public RSS feed?

    This is sort of like trying to stop someone from walking down the street and looking at you.


    I am not complaining but it is a pity though; I get your point

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