How Do I Stop Incremental Naming In Media Library?

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    I want to upload revised images to the Media Library, although automatically adds incremental naming to the new image file URL, even when I permanently delete the old image first. This is so annoying as I have to constantly update any links to the images. i.e. photo-01.jpg becomes photo-011.jpg

    Does anyone else find this annoying? Is there a work around? I am thinking of uploading my images to Dropbox instead, but would rather keep them all on




    There is not way to prevent this. There is no workaround except to choose to use different file names for the images we upload more than once.



    Just to be more clear on that I mean you can rename the file prior to uploading it a second time and then this will not happen.



    You would think that you just delete the original media library image and upload the new file, without wordpress automatically renaming it or having to manually change the file name every time. Very annoying.



    There’s also the issue of the deleted images not showing up in search engines.


    WordPress uses mysql databases to hold all our data. When you “delete” a file from the media library, it is not immediately deleted, it is marked as not available and marked for deletion. The deletions happen on a schedule with databases. Generally if you delete a file and then wait 24 hours to upload the new one, then it will not append the name.

    The second issue: If the original image you delete was uploaded in December of 2010, that file is in a folder with …/2010/12/. If you want to replace it with a new file you are uploading in March of 2011, the new file will be uploaded in …/2011/03/. All of our uploads are organized by year and date. So even if you could upload an image with the same name right away, unless it was uploaded in the exact same month as the original, the URL in your post or page would still be broken.



    Thanks for providing the full explanation. :)



    If you want greater control, I suggest you upload the images to a site like and hotlink them. Then I believe you have some more options, particularly with Flickr Pro.



    Thanks for the explanation.

    So the work around would be to delete the file, wait 24 hours with the wrong file name, then upload the original file again?

    Not an ideal situation, but like I said, I could always hotlink the files from Dropbox.



    The choice between the two options is yours to make.


    “So the work around would be to delete the file, wait 24 hours with the wrong file name, then upload the original file again?”

    No. As long as you re-upload the file the same month, you get the extra number at the end.


    Hmmm, I was thinking I had tested that and by waiting 24 hours, it would not append anything to the file name.

    Have to test again I guess. I had staff confirm that even once, but that doesn’t mean that is still the case, or perhaps staff was wrong too.


    Getting forgetful in my old age it seems.

    Thanks @panos.

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