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How do I stop my blog name from hyphenating?

  1. I'm using the Publish Theme on my blog, My problem is that the name of the blog, "Melinda M. Steenbergen", is hyphenated. How do I stop the hyphenation?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Where is it hyphenated? Note that we Volunteers cannot view private blogs. Therefore you must take a screenshot, upload it to your Media library, return to this thread and post the file name for it. Then Staff will examine it and assist you.

  3. If you are referring to the Site Title, provided you are logged in under the username account that registered the blog then, Site titles (Blog Names) and optional Taglines located here > Settings > General can easily be changed at any time.

  4. Made it public, apologies. I'd rather not change the name, if necessary, as it's my full name and I'm posting resume information here. Is it possible to prevent the hyphenation with this theme?

  5. Please understand that I don't know exactly where this "hyphenation" you refer to is occurring and I cannot see the blog, therefore, I cannot answer you.

  6. Aha! Now I see what you mean. You are referring to the site title in the teeny tiny little space provided. The solution is to switch themes.

  7. Bummer. Okay, thanks for your help!

  8. Not to worry as there are many other themes here

  9. (The solution is to switch themes, except if you have the Custom Design upgrade.)

  10. @melindaste
    If you truly love the theme you are using to such an extent that you will be prepared to pay for an annually renewable custom design upgrade and undertake the CSS required see:

  11. Thank you!

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