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How do I switch gallery out of carosel view

  1. Without my making any settings changes, my gallery views have gone to a carousel type viewer. I need to get it back to the regular full size view setting. Please help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there,
    I'm not clear on what you mean but I notice a sidebar full of advertisements on the free hosted blog liked to your username, so before you go any further please read what follows.

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  3. edit: "liked to your username" was meant to be "linked to your username"

  4. Hi!
    I've got the same problem. My gallery used to show as sort of embedded in the regular theme with the title/commentary that I added to each photo on top. But now the photos are in this carousel view, no commentary is visible and I can't find any setting to change it back to how it was. I'm using the Misty Theme by the way.

  5. @lenastimeabroad
    Will you please provide a link to a post that you see this happening in so we Volunteers can examine it and try to help you?

    In this post, I first added a diashow - so that people can see my photos quickly inside the post. At the end, I always include a gallery (two rows).
    Usually, when people then click on the first (or any other) photo, they will be redirected to a page which looks like this:
    This is a site that I can now only enter via the statistics on my dashboard.
    What happens to people clicking on the photo in the gallery from the normal post, is that they see it in this carousel, like this:

    I really like the gallery the way it was before because I need it to comment on specific photos.

    Thanks in advance! :)

  7. For those wondering what Carousel is:

    At this time, there is no way to disable it, but comments will be coming in a future update.

  8. May I suggest that you contact Staff as describe your issue to them? I'm asking as I have seen this on two blogs today and it's possible Staff are changing things in the backend. Here’s the link After you use the searchbox, under the search results, at the bottom of the page there will be a section that says “Have you found the answer to your question?” You can choose either “Yes I found the answer to my question.” or “No I didn’t find the answer to my question and I would like to contact support for help.” The no option will reveal the contact form.

  9. thank you for pointing out my error in my sidebar links - I am going to take them out right now

  10. I forgot to mention that clicking "Permalink" in the Carousel view takes you to wherever the thumbnail used to (either the full image file or attachment page with comments).

  11. @macmanx

    At this time, there is no way to disable it, but comments will be coming in a future update.

    For clarity: Does this mean that every Gallery we have previously made no matter what theme we use will now become a Carousel?

  12. For now, yes.

  13. Okay thanks for the reply.

  14. You're welcome!

  15. I have removed all links in my blog that tie to selling sites. The main purpose of my blog is to review products (features and benefits), services and events in the wrist watch industry. I do not sell anything on my blog.

  16. That's great and now you have the answer to your original carousel question as well. :)

  17. Please let us disable it. This ruins everything I've done on my site.

  18. @macmanx- please add that extra tidbit of information you gave here to the official announcement.

  19. I absolutely dislike these major changes to features and functions here with no way to opt out.

    I may be opening a can of worms here, but this sucks. I just tried to view some of the images via the carousel on the announcement page, and after 30 seconds waiting for the first image to appear on my wireless internet connection I banged the escape key. I'll never click on a gallery image again on a .COM blog, at least not until I get a better internet connection.

    Even after clicking the escape key, 30 seconds later my internet connection was still busy apparently downloading the images. I had to close the tab in order to get it to quit. So it looks like even "escape" is no real escape.

  20. I should add that I like the idea of having the carousel, but I would like the option to turn it off. That seems like it should have been included right from the beginning.

  21. Great idea the carousel, but I too, would like to opt out. I've included lots of comments on each of my photos, and I'm not sure people know to click on the permalink to view my comments. Do you think an opt out option will be added? I sure hope so, but again, I can see where for some bloggers this is a great idea. Thanks!

  22. I'd also like to say that the new gallery should have been optional rather than imposing it on everyone. I don't like the way the white arrows are displayed over the "edge" of the prev/next image. They disappear on white images. The presence of the "edges" is distracting to the viewer (that's why art galleries around the world don't hang paintings too close together because this destroys the viewing pleasure by introducing "noise"). WordPress needs to get some artists on staff to give them advice on such matters.

  23. It's not intuitive or obvious that users have to click that Permalink to get back to the original attachment page with comments or information that users may have added there.
    As already stated above and elsewhere, that information has become invisible with the change. It would be much better to simply make the Carousel an option or the default for those Galleries that link to images rather than attachment pages.

  24. Also, the comments do NOT show after clicking the permalink. It's just the photo in bigger.
    As for comments becoming visible in the new gallery format: it only shows when I type the description in the "caption" - I've always used "title" for that so far. So either I change that for all my blog entries and photos, or I have to live without comments for my older entries.
    Moreover, I don't like the caption in so far as it shows on the main page below the pictures. I want the comments to show for people interested in the photos, i.e. when they actually open the gallery.
    The argument with the internet connection is another thing that I agree to, it takes so much longer to load.
    I don't like the way this new feature has been imposed on everyone without even letting us know beforehand. It's really annoying that I might have to change everything because of that (especially since my blog IS mostly concerned with photos and galleries).

  25. The carousel should be an option, as it's currently daft to have it imposed as default.

  26. Hopefully WordPress will add the opt out option rapidly. In the meantime, I used this work around. I've added the below phrase to every page where I have a photo gallery where I painstakingly added lots of info to the photo description that no one will ever see now ;-( :

    <h3>More information</h3>
    For more detailed information on each book, click on “permalink” while viewing the photo carousel.

  27. I still need an answer to the problem which is - in the carousel view my pictures are reduced to about 30% of their original size, the descriptive information is gone, the carousel takes much longer to load and my readers are going to be confused by the permalink button.

    I would like to hear from other bloggers who are having issues with this new viewer.

  28. I just thought of this, if WordPress could change "permalink" to "more information", then I think people would understand to click on that in order to get to the photo description. Of course, the opt out solution is best, but in the meantime, maybe WP could make that change in the text. It's much more clear.

  29. Gallery is now just a variation of Slideshow. I did not use Slideshow because I did not like it. It shrinks images to fit in a tiny box with big black border. Shrinking is ok for some images but it's not for many. The black border is a waste of good canvas. If WordPress are so hot on launching the changes they just made to Gallery, why not apply them to Slideshow instead? I digress...

    Permalink and Esc are silly names for the functions they perform. They don't even look like links. "Normal" people won't know what they mean.

    WordPress haven't removed the old Gallery interface. It is just hidden until you click on Permalink (which no one will do). To implement the opt out option should be a piece of cake since all the PHP code has to do is bypass the new stuff and go straight to the view presented on the Permalink. Please give us an option to bypass this new Gallery look.

  30. This new carousel-gallery is really bad! I don´t want it! Users have to have an option to switch this thing out.


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