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How do I switch gallery out of carosel view

  1. OK so I'm gonna have to move on. You win some and lose some.
    I've just added a line under every post that says:
    Click on any below to see slideshow (then Permalink to see full res and ESC to come back here) A bit long winded but can't see a better way.
    Maybe I'll look at Blogger again! Shame
    See ya.

  2. So to recap: "Live with it or move on."

    Gotta. Quit. Getting. Involved. In. These. Types. Of. Threads. Waste. Of. Time.

  3. So Matt, with all those attachment pages going away isn't that going to create a boat load of 404 errors on the search engines? Perhaps tens of millions of them?

  4. Not to mention the fate of single images that are attached to their Post URL (ie Attachment page) without ever being involved in a Gallery/Carousel at all.

  5. It is interesting to hear Matt's take on WHY he won't yield to accomodating a minority who want choice.
    I am right, it seems to be policy. But it is like going for a coffee at your local cafe and suddenly finding you can only have tea because that is more convenient for the owner and most people like it!
    The difference being that whereas I can find another cafe, I have spent weeks checking the information which I have put on my site and learning the hard way HOW to do it. I am horrified at the thought of having to learn new tricks.
    Surely Matt you should be proud of what you (didn't realise it was you) have accomplished which really is amazing and you could, and in my opinion, should, take pride in the creative way people here have used the possibiliies you originally put our disposal and for which I was very grateful. I would have thought WE are actually GOOD PUBLICITY for WordPress. People look at our sites and say Gosh,,,I don't think they will do much Goshing about the Caroussel. In my opinion it is a contraction of ambition.
    @ aardvarkart ...very nice site! I noticed your explanatory line. I will have to do the same, indeed, cut and paste!

  6. I have quit this thread, but still had a peak!
    Thanks matcham. The powers that be have heard us so let's draw a line under this.
    Take care all.

  7. @matcham1
    lovely nudes

  8. Furthermore, without the attachment pages which Matt says he intends to get rid of, the whole usefulness of having a site at all is under threat as my information cannot be reduced to a caption.
    May I say again, when people are looking for a website 'host' (don't know the correct jargon), there will be people saying in the future...oh no, you can't do that on WordPress any more, no, you can only do it this way....
    Surely versatility is the name of the game if WordPress wants to be up front and to convince people that it is first choice?
    Please Matt, think again!

  9. So Matt pops in and comments on art he wants to buy (wich is nice) but completely want to ignore the problem (not so nice)?

    It seems they want to bury this and pretend there is no problem at all. I have commented politely in two posts in the newsblog as well as here trying to explain that the Permalink is broken for Firefox etc. But both comments are still waiting for moderation several days later.

    Speaking of 404 errors, is it a coincidence that we notice a huge uptick in refferals from image search engines since the carousel was forced upon us? Not a bad thing but its intresting that it happens just after the change.

  10. I've been getting a lot of 404 errors when clicking on permalink from the carousel. I've started a bug report in Support forum.

    Is anyone else having this problem? I use the Structure theme.

    @benganrocks That is exactly my case. What is the connection? Silly me, I thought people had suddenly become more interested in my site.

    @aardvarkart Dude, how did you do that with your photos. Very cool! Maybe it's the theme?

  11. is it a coincidence that we notice a huge uptick in refferals from image search engines since the carousel was forced upon us? Not a bad thing but its intresting that it happens just after the change.

    It's a coincidence other threads have dealt with the traffic referrals issue - WordPress.COM has been working for some time to improve the Stats and where and how the traffic gets to your site.

  12. @auxclass: Ah, I see. And here I thought it was all a big conspiracy! ;)

    About the carousel, I hope they at the very least can make the Permalink work better and name it so visitors know how to get the full resolution image without having to mind meld with the author on each post to find the damn thing.

  13. I'm back on, I can't leave this alone.
    At least WordPress should re-name Permalink and escape buttons.
    Then I can just about live with it.
    It makes sense to do it anyway regardless of this issue!
    Get rid of the jargon Techie guys, does this compute?

    @sbourdin It's art man, I'm an artist!

  14. I agree with aardvarkat, changing "permalink" to "enlarge photo" or "more details" or something along those lines would be better. The first day of the carousel, I didn't even know what "permalink" meant. Now I lose sleep over it. ;-)

    @aardvarkat Sorry, I meant how the images of your art were displayed, right up against each other. Looks great. I did understand that the images are artwork. And beautiful it is.

  15. And if we are lucky and Matt listens, another small improvement would be to make the arrow on the right of the attachment pages bigger, it moves you on to the next attachment page IF you have titled the pages. Then viewers don't need to go back to the Caroussel. If you haven't titled eg every image then that doesn't work at all. It would be good if it NEXT, and the title (if there is one). I wouldn't have thought that was a very taxing change...but then what do I know! Night, night!

  16. @sbourdin
    Ahh sorry my friend.
    So when you create a gallery and add a few images, it does it automatically.
    Yes looks good.


  17. thesacredpath, of course they won't 404. We obviously care a lot about permanent links (née permalinks :)) and about making things friendly for search engines as well as people, as the uptick in image search referrals is indicative of. And it's not something we can do until we've figured out an elegant way to incorporate elements like comments, captions, and descriptions into the carousel experience. (I've seen the mockups for this, it looks really good, but will be a fair amount of work to make as fast as the carousel currently is.)

  18. thesacredpath, of course they won't 404.

    Matt, one has to ask these things since users here don't get an option.

    I will assume (there's that word :)) this will also apply to the attachment pages for single images @justjennifer mentions above, since as we understand it attachment pages are entirely passé.

    What will happen to the single images in sites that are now linked to attachment pages? Where will they go to when attachment pages go extinct?

  19. I don't know, haven't thought of that yet. It's a bit of a bug that they work at all right now -- lots of things break on those pages like permalinks and next/prev links.

  20. And it's not something we can do until we've figured out an elegant way to incorporate elements like comments, captions, and descriptions into the carousel experience.

    Matt, couldn't you have said that from the start instead of belittling those who complain, pretending their requests aren't reasonable, and offering poor excuses "for effect"? Wouldn't it have been nicer if you or anyone from staff had simply said something like "thank you all for your input, be patient, this is a new feature, of course we'll keep improving it till becomes everything you had ever wished for and more"?

  21. Matt, I am not sure if you are saying that you intend to replace the details that one can currently write in black on white on the attachment pages with something on the Caroussel which I guess would be white on black, which personally I detest as a way of reading anything important. The attachment pages work fine, particularly if you were to incorporate my suggestion above and made the fact that you can move on more obvious. It would provide a viable alternative to the Caroussel. This facility doesn't work with anything untitled, it seems to be a word-seeking arrow. I guess any of us putting NEXT on any unlabeled image might do the trick .
    I can see from what you said earlier that you see speed of viewing as a priority. For a lot of us it isn't. We would rather people saw high definition images and reflected on items. If they are not interested at all they can see that from the thumbnails.
    Please keep the attachment pages!

  22. @Julia:
    a) Actually light text on dark bg is less tiresome for the eyes.
    b) What exactly do attachment pages have to do with "high definition" images? In most themes attachment pages are fixed-width and close to or narrower than average screen resolution, while the carousel view is almost full screen no matter what the theme or the screen resolution. The higher your screen resolution, the narrower your attachment pages and the wider the carousel view.

  23. panaghiotisadam: that's what I mean by high definition -- you get bigger images in the carousel view. Most photos uploaded to WP are megapixels big, but we show them usually at .7-.9 megapixels, at most, often smaller.

    Also planned is iPad swipe support, which will be so fun to show people things on tablets.

  24. Yes I know Matt, and that's what I tried to explain to Julia above: you get bigger images in the carousel view - except if you have a low resolution screen (in that case your attachment pages may fill the whole screen while the carousel images won't). But besides that, in my opinion the carousel looks a lot more professional anyway.

  25. Oh gotcha .:)

  26. a) Actually light text on dark bg is less tiresome for the eyes. I find reading this very hard on my eyes (and I'm in that near 60 age group talked about in the Codex), but as far as the Carousel, of course it's up to the UI/UX people.

  27. @ panos You know what an ignorant novice I am at all this...I thought as I wrote the last post that my images are probably NOT high enough resolution...I must have tried all sorts of different ways of uploading images ...from Picassa, from Photoshop, from emails sent to myself and the images saved as attachments! ... in the learning process, and that I produced something that didn't look obviously HAM was a matter of some satisfaction. (Thank you Matt!) But I thought when people talk about high resolution it was in the attachment pages that one could achieve that. I was never sure that I wasn't creating pages that would be too high resolution to load (something I had read about) so probably erred to much on the safe side. I am truly grateful for any education re all of this!
    But now I read that WordPress automatically reduces file sizes? So does it not matter what sizes I upload?
    Re 'reading'...I am too old to tell you about it, but I can only say that personally I dread white on black, or on colour. It looks smart but in any quantity I tend to give up.
    Panos, you say 'a) Actually light text on dark bg is less tiresome for the eyes.' does this come from a scientific source?
    As I see it, the attachment pages give you the opportunity of presenting work in appropriate sizes; a Xmas card design is not the same as a large print.
    And gives the opportunity to present appropriate details above and below.
    I hope that possibility will remain.

  28. @Jen: I was careful to right light text; the page you linked to is annoying because the text is pure white. Moreover, I was referring to the much reduced glare you get when the bg is dark; readability depends on other factors as well (for instance font family, font weight and letter spacing).

  29. @Julia: Link to your blog please and I'll explain size and quality in more concrete terms. As for "the opportunity to present appropriate details", Matt finally said they'll do it once they've "figured out an elegant way to incorporate elements like comments, captions, and descriptions into the carousel experience".

  30. Just done that (wasn't sure if you had some magic way of contacting me there! nothing would surprise me) however clicked around a bit to see what is happening. And I am wrong about card sizes...they are shown smaller on the Caroussel.. And the display looks better because they are more surrounded by black. And, you

    move on from one attachment page to the next with untitled photos because they at least have numbers. Just the possibility is almost too small for people to notice.
    I don't like the way the Caroussel lets the preceding and following foto/images impinge on the individual view, and the thumbnails glow through. I think it looks untidy...not 'clean'. Also in my own case my 'welcome' device interferes with the view; just bad luck I guess. But I can see that moving images on is speedier...which is of course a good thing. I just would prefer everything on a white background. However I will just have to follow the plot! Cheers.

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