How do I switch gallery out of carosel view

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    I’m soooo glad you came back matcham1. Restored my faith etc.
    I noticed that Blogger have a flashy gallery viewer a bit like carousel. Mmmmmmm!
    Give us an option WordPress you’re still the best.


    @julia: Matt isn’t just staff, he’s the founder of WP.
    (Notice how well his response illustrates my previous remark?)



    If there’s a bug, like the carousel breaking with certain image names, it’s best to start a new thread with the specific issue and steps to reproduce it, this is a pretty good guide for reporting bugs:

    We don’t want people just to turn it off if they find a bug, because then we’ll never know about or fix them. :) It’s no good having something buried in a thread like this that isn’t easy for a developer to parse.


    @matt: Right. Now how about those of us that say great new feature, just make it optional? Is it so difficult for you to understand that this would make everybody happy?



    If there was a change that would make everybody happy, I’d do it in a heartbeat, but there’s no such thing. :)

    Our goal is to replace attachment pages entirely — they’re confusing to readers, broken in several ways, SLOW, show images too small in most templates, and people usually drop off after one or two of them.

    Since the launch of carousels people are looking at 12x more images than they used to, and it’s still growing!


    Matt, I agree the attachment pages are borked, but couldn’t there be a switch on the insert gallery page where the user could choose to turn it off and then the images when clicked just opened in a blank browser window? I think that would make everyone happy. You could even have the gallery default to the carousel and then if people did not want there images displayed that way, they could opt out.


    Well, actually that would not make everyone happy I guess. It would make more happy though.

    I want to see people have more control over their content and how it is presented, and forcing the carousel on anyone use the gallery feature does not do that.



    It’s not outside the realm of possibilities, but it would be after we get all the bugs in the current implementation licked and expand it to be launchable from slideshows and the new reader.



    Matt… sorry, but it really sounds as if you haven’t been reading???? The change that would make everybody happy – not just with Carousel but lots else – is making these kinds of major universal formatting changes OPTIONAL – giving us the CHOICE between existing and new formats.

    Looking at the blogs I work on I can see instances where Carousel will do fine (that’s why I used slide shows!). But I also have a dozen galleries where the truncation of caption text and total loss (to the casual viewer) of the Descriptions is a huge set back and completely de-railed the whole point of the gallery which was to create an illustrated guide to how we perform a complex winemaking or viticultural task.

    I now have to go back into my postings and re-write the text to instruct people to click on the “permalink” button to view full texts for photos. Huge annoying bummer. I don’t want to have to constantly repair back content to circumvent or explain to my readers your abrupt massive changes to format.

    Please, read again what JustJennifer said, after your comment about “if you put prices in captions… ” and answer her, and all of us! The issues are not just functional bugs, the issues are First, a loss of control over our content and how it is displayed for a substantial back library of content which our users still access and Second, limiting our ability in future to display photos with correlated substantive text in a sensible, focussed arrangement.



    The fix to the problem you described is not truncating captions and figuring out a good way to include descriptions, not throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Fixing the core issues, rather than ignoring it by allowing the loudest people complaining to turn it off, will benefit everybody.

    This may sound uninteresting because the issue in front of you seems like the most important in the world, and would be SO EASY to fix if we just added a toggle or switch, but that path ends in ruin. Either we do that for everything and WP is just a thousand options that no one remembers or cares about anymore, or there’s some shortcode switch or hidden feature for you to deactivate the carousel and because it’s not widely used it’ll probably break in a future release, or it makes the underlying code more complex in a way that slows down future development, or you end up with so many non-default hoops you have to jump through to get your blog the way you want that posting becomes slower and slower until one day you just give it up or switch to something else. I’m exaggerating for effect, but I’ve personally witnessed the above happen to many, many software projects.

    The feedback in this thread has already been heard and considered, if you’d like to affect change the best thing to do is to start a new thread with specific, easy-to-recreate steps or links to galleries and use-cases with problems so developers can share the links, brainstorm solutions, and test them on your blog. Feel free to tag it “formatt” so I’ll see it like this one.



    OK so I’m gonna have to move on. You win some and lose some.
    I’ve just added a line under every post that says:
    Click on any below to see slideshow (then Permalink to see full res and ESC to come back here) A bit long winded but can’t see a better way.
    Maybe I’ll look at Blogger again! Shame
    See ya.


    So to recap: “Live with it or move on.”

    Gotta. Quit. Getting. Involved. In. These. Types. Of. Threads. Waste. Of. Time.


    So Matt, with all those attachment pages going away isn’t that going to create a boat load of 404 errors on the search engines? Perhaps tens of millions of them?



    Not to mention the fate of single images that are attached to their Post URL (ie Attachment page) without ever being involved in a Gallery/Carousel at all.



    It is interesting to hear Matt’s take on WHY he won’t yield to accomodating a minority who want choice.
    I am right, it seems to be policy. But it is like going for a coffee at your local cafe and suddenly finding you can only have tea because that is more convenient for the owner and most people like it!
    The difference being that whereas I can find another cafe, I have spent weeks checking the information which I have put on my site and learning the hard way HOW to do it. I am horrified at the thought of having to learn new tricks.
    Surely Matt you should be proud of what you (didn’t realise it was you) have accomplished which really is amazing and you could, and in my opinion, should, take pride in the creative way people here have used the possibiliies you originally put our disposal and for which I was very grateful. I would have thought WE are actually GOOD PUBLICITY for WordPress. People look at our sites and say Gosh,,,I don’t think they will do much Goshing about the Caroussel. In my opinion it is a contraction of ambition.
    @ aardvarkart …very nice site! I noticed your explanatory line. I will have to do the same, indeed, cut and paste!



    I have quit this thread, but still had a peak!
    Thanks matcham. The powers that be have heard us so let’s draw a line under this.
    Take care all.



    lovely nudes



    Furthermore, without the attachment pages which Matt says he intends to get rid of, the whole usefulness of having a site at all is under threat as my information cannot be reduced to a caption.
    May I say again, when people are looking for a website ‘host’ (don’t know the correct jargon), there will be people saying in the future…oh no, you can’t do that on WordPress any more, no, you can only do it this way….
    Surely versatility is the name of the game if WordPress wants to be up front and to convince people that it is first choice?
    Please Matt, think again!



    So Matt pops in and comments on art he wants to buy (wich is nice) but completely want to ignore the problem (not so nice)?

    It seems they want to bury this and pretend there is no problem at all. I have commented politely in two posts in the newsblog as well as here trying to explain that the Permalink is broken for Firefox etc. But both comments are still waiting for moderation several days later.

    Speaking of 404 errors, is it a coincidence that we notice a huge uptick in refferals from image search engines since the carousel was forced upon us? Not a bad thing but its intresting that it happens just after the change.



    I’ve been getting a lot of 404 errors when clicking on permalink from the carousel. I’ve started a bug report in Support forum.

    Is anyone else having this problem? I use the Structure theme.

    @benganrocks That is exactly my case. What is the connection? Silly me, I thought people had suddenly become more interested in my site.

    @aardvarkart Dude, how did you do that with your photos. Very cool! Maybe it’s the theme?

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