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How do I switch gallery out of carosel view

  1. @Jen:
    I was careful to write "light" text, but I wasn't careful enough to write "write" instead of "right"! And sorry, I shouldn't have written "glare": I found it refers to reflected light while I was thinking of emitted light.

    a) "does this come from a scientific source?" Does it have to? What hurts your eyes more, staring at bright sources of light or at dark sources? Why do you wear sun glasses?
    Check the graph here:
    Then try working 10 hours a day with predominantly white files or webpages and 10 hours a day with predominantly black files or webpages and tell me if you'll feel a difference.
    b) Of course you can "move on from one attachment page to the next". All themes have previous/next navigation links or thumbnails (you might be interested in that) on att. pages, and some of them (including the one you're using) jump to the next att. page when you click on the image itself. See here:
    c) You got me totally confused re image size, image quality, and att. page vs carousel view. Are you looking for best quality or not? Do you mean att. pages give you larger images than the carousel does or not? I checked one gallery page of yours, and the files are 450px wide so first they're not detailed enough, second carousel and att. page should give you exactly the same size and quality. Do you have other gallery pages with larger files? If so, link to such a page please. Also, what's your screen resolution?
    By the way, why don't you link your username to your blog?

  2. Panos, to answer your last question first...I always assumed it DID link. I had never tried my own, it didn't occur to me! I guess I will have to find out HOW. I daren't ask! It is obviously to my disadvantage that it doesn't link. Oh dear.
    If I were being hypothetical about 'reading' arguments etc...I would suggest that as we humans are not nocturnal beasts...we were born to pick out dark things against lighter backgrounds (mostly) and our eyes are built for that process of selection. Cats etc are different. Apart from movement awareness they see very well in the dark.
    I DO, a great deal of the time work on the computer in Photoshop in which the 'canvas' is surrounded by white and that seems natural to me. The idea of working against a black background apalls me. And I certainly think 'art' is best seen against a white background. I don't find myself suffering from more than shoulder ache from too long on the computer.
    But I haven't read Wikipedia yet...tomorrow.
    If I have got you confused (c) it is no doubt because (capital) I am!
    I will try to absorb the issues tomorrow. Thanks anyway.

  3. OK I do TRY to help myself.
    So go to my gravatar and it says link to ... and then faded blue ... JSON · XML · PHP · VCF · QR which I haven't the faintest idea about and then I click about and find something that might as well be a foreign language ...once again meaningless to an amateur. There seemed no way of doing anything positive. that meaningful? There doesn't seem to be a link address.

  4. I think the carousel is a step in the right direction but obviously needs a little tweaking.

    The problem with the attachment page format is that many theme authors don't include the selection of full width without sidebar, This means the photo will open in the main content area (500-700px wide) and will need to be clicked a second time to get the full size file page. Clumsy and outdated. The premium Traction theme is like this. Enterprise theme allows a photo to open in a full width (960px) attachment page with full navigation, sharing, and commenting which is as it should be.

    Without the carousel, navigating through a gallery in Traction and many other themes is a three click dance per photo. Once to open the photo on a 620px wide attachment page, twice to open the photo full size on the file page, and the third click is to backtrack to the attachment page so you can then move forward in the gallery.
    Again, clumsy and outdated.

  5. @Julia: To make your username link to your blog, you go to Users > Personal Settings, scroll down to Account Details, paste blog URL in the Website field, click Save Changes.

    Re "reading" arguments: As I said to Jen, I wasn't talking about readability in general, I was only talking about exposing your eyes to unnecessary brightness. Readability and eye fatigue depend on lots of other things as well: contrast between text and bg, font size and style, alternating between very different types of documents, amount and direction of surrounding light, type of monitor...

    @jwane: First, selecting full-width template applies to static pages only, but people put galleries in posts as well. Second, the disadvantage you're describing happens in some themes only: other themes don't display the sidebar on attachment pages even if you haven't selected the full-width template.

    PS (to all): Since Matt said they'll keep improving the carousel, then I can only repeat what I suggested they could have said from the start: be patient guys!

  6. Thanks Panos, the url was already there! I did paste it in again and save changes but doesn't seem to have changed anything. Maybe it takes time.

  7. That's the right dashboard page, but we fellow bloggers cannot access it - only staff can. Are you sure you're seeing in the Website field (near the bottom), not just the Primary Blog pulldown? If so, try posting a comment in my blog so we can check: the forum sometimes plays tricks with the username link.

  8. Yes...just checked...there is a slash after com it seemed to add that also when I re-entered it first time...but it seems to be automatic. Ok I'll post a comment.

  9. Well, done that...checked it myself...alive though it is, it takes one to the gravatar page and not to the blog! Aaaargh. Not sure how to open a new subject on your blog so just added it to the first subject I came across...hope that is easy to recover for you.
    Mind you, I didn't check myself how to get back to it...typical!

  10. (Replied in my blog.)

  11. How do I get out of this thread?
    Do I just uncheck?
    OK I'll try.

  12. This all makes me think that Facebook's carousel is not that bad after all:
    white background and there is the description area just underneath where you can add links, and it includes all the social media links to share, like, comment, etc. And it also gives a count of the photo, i.e. 9/10. A good idea for large photo galleries. I never thought about it before, but so far I prefer it to the WP version. However, I understand WP will be making improvements.

    Like many have stated, I too prefer the white background. The problem with the FB version though is not being able to enlarge the photo. But I like that it has the photo description while viewing photos in the carousel. This is what I regret the most with the new WP version. I hope that this is a priority when they tweak the carousel.

  13. To unsubscribe to this thread it says log in and click on unsubscribe at the top of the page, err except there is no 'unsubscribe' at the top of the page!!
    So how do I stop this barrage of emails regarding this topic?
    It's beginning to drive me nuts!!

  14. Go to the sidebar in this thread and locate "Unsubscribe from Topic" when you click it you will be unsubscribed.

  15. @ Matt, Re- print please contact me if you are still interested. Your 'deputy' doesn't seem to understand what I need to know. I have asked twice. I need to communicate with YOU. Wouldn't like you to think I was ignoring your request...but if you have changed your mind, that is fine too. Julia

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