How do I switch the blog people see when I leave comments?

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    Currently, I manage two blogs: Culture Jaunt and Namk Creative. The latter I am still in the process of setting up. Lately, I’ve been getting followers on NamK Creative and realized that the link people see when I comment is for that blog.
    I just changed the link in my settings, but is there an easier way to choose which blog link people will see when I comment anywhere? Once I have both up and running, I don’t want to have to go back to my settings each time I comment and change the link.
    If there isn’t a way to easily do this yet, I would suggest considering a format that Gmail uses, when you import from different email addresses. When you start writing an email you have the option to choose which email address it will be sent from.

    Thanks for your help.
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    There isn’t a way to do this while logged in right now. The website field at Users > Personal Settings will apply to all comments. Having a way to toggle that is a good idea for a future improvement.

    One way you could link to a different site is by logging out and commenting as a guest with your email address, website, and name. That would let you enter anything in the website field.

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