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How do I "tag" someone??

  1. My friend just got "tagged"... What's this?? How do I get tagged? How do "tag" someone???

  2. What do you mean by 'tagged'? What happened to your friend? Can you give us a link?

  3. Well, nothing happened to him... all of a sudden, he had this post which said "I've been tagged! I've been tagged!"
    I was curious to know what happened... Is there something like "tag someone" if i like his\her blogs or something...??? i'm confused....
    anyway, check this link:

  4. Ack! Those nasty MySpace "tag" surveys. That's not a functionality. You can "tag" someone by simply posting a comment like:

    "You've been tagged! Now you must dance around in the street naked!"

    (I'm being sarcastic, of course).

    So, just stay away from that stuff. It's highly juvenile.

  5. abbydonkrafts
    Whew! thanks a ton!
    i'll stay away from them! :)

  6. There are many memes in the blogosphere where bloggers tag one another with a list of questions, etc. They are "entertainments" for those who wish to play games online. They are not a necessary part of blogging. If you are "tagged" and if you so choose you can treat the situation the same way you would treat the receipt of a "chain letter".

  7. I can tell you, however, from experience, that they will help make your blog more popular. People love that stuff. And because of the nature of tagging itself, it will help you make connections across the blogosphere.

    I am way too lazy to respond to tags, though, and I'm not alone.

  8. It really depends on how "mature" you want to appear to be on your blog. I find them juvenile, especially since most of the questions lean that way. But, if you're in a popularity contest, go for it.

  9. I'm not talking about how to give an impression of dignity. I am only saying that tagging memes will increase your popularity. Whether you frame those memes with meditations on Diogenes or Club Penguin cheats is what the world will ultimately judge you on.

  10. For many blogging is all about popularity and the increase in hits, page rank, yada-yada-yada. After all how would an A List blogger become an A List blogger if it wasn't via popularity.

    For others blogging is about building a small and faithful readership, a supportive community that comment on each others blog posts.

    So while it's true that participating in memes will increase your blog's popularity, it's up to each of us to decide whether or not to "play the popularity game" or to give any tag we receive the "chain letter treatment".

  11. I don't think you're understanding what I'm saying completely. Answering memes does form stronger connections between the tagged and the taggers. Memes use the same modality as chain letters, but they are personally-requested personal responses to impersonal questions and, as such, will reinforce your connections in that sense. Because they're original content, as well, they are self-revealing in a way that "latest informational post" might not be.

  12. Thanks for clarifying. :)

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