How do I take down a site made by someone else, no longer represents my school?

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    I am the webmaster of a school website. The school has been through a leadership change over the past year and an old blog for the school is still being hosted at The blog has been abandoned and we do not have access to the person who originally posted the blog. Unfortunately, no one at the school nor I have the credentials to get access to the site to take it down. As time goes by not only does the site get older and more outdated, more of the information is just plain incorrect.

    I don’t know what’s policy is to such a situation. If you need proof that I represent the school or that the current principal of the school wants the site removed, then I can provide that. Please advise on the next step.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there. Only the user who created a site can take it down or transfer ownership. The best option would be to contact that person and ask him/her to delete or transfer the blog.

    If that’s not an option the only other way you might be able to gain ownership of the account is via the account recovery form, though I can’t promise you that will work.

    Also see:

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