How do I tell people, that I moved from my old site to my new one with wordpress

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    How do I tell visitors of my current site (, that my new address is: ?

    The blog I need help with is


    You can leave a last message on the front page of the other site with a link to your new location.



    Thanks for your answer, but it does not solve the problem, as the old site is a conventinal homepage, where I cannot leave a message. There is no possibility forseen for this.


    Then your only hope is that the people over at have a solution. There is nothing that can be done from this end.



    There is the title “Living with ACD” and the line below it – can additional text be added to them with a link?

    The front page has a picture and a lot of text, can any of it be edited? If you have access to the html code you can put in a redirect to your new site.



    I think I can write it over the header or below. Yes, it is easy to go to html code.
    Is that also possible for wordpress?
    There are several codes. f.ex. for; another tracker or for a searching machine; or webpage collection, or-or-or?

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