How do I test the email notification service?

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    I am having a number of problems setting up and testing the email notification system within WordPress. When a member of my blog adds an entry I want an email sent out to notify other members of the blog that a blog entry has been made.

    I read within one of the support threads that there are Discussion settings that are situate so that the email notification system is activated. Is that correct? If so what are the settings?

    I have setup my account with Feed Burner placed the lines of code generated on each page so that when a user subscribes to this service they should start receiving notifications from the blog. Correct?

    So why am I not being notified? How do I test this service? What have I not completed? The blog(s) address are: –


    The blog I need help with is



    Feedburner sends out emails once daily. That’s the only option. You can select your time zone and time for delivery under “Email Subscriptions” > “Delivery Options” in your Feedburner account. There’s no way to test it besides signing up for your own emails.

    BTW, the feed for the email subscription for ulyssean appears to be broken, ulysseanM appears to be fine.



    What should I do to repair the broken Feedburner under Ulyssean?


    The email subscription link at seems to work fine for me. It takes me to the feedburner signup page just fine.



    Thanks thesacredpath!
    I can you test the following blog as well?



    That one takes me to feedburner signup as well so I think you are good to go.

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