How do I transfer JUST ONE of my Blogs?

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    I set up my original blog samefacedifferentplace but then a client of ours wanted his own blog – so I set up a new one under my account: acumenaccounting. I now want to transfer this one to the client so it resides under his wordpress account and not mine. But I am terrified that if I do this, it’s going to transfer everything – including my own blog samefacedifferentplace – how do I do it for just the one blog?

    The blog I need help with is



    You do it for just the one blog by going to the Dashboard of that blog and Inviting him under Users. It doesn’t give him any rights to other blogs.


    Thanks – I have actually done that already. The only problem is, it is my Profile and Gravitar which is appearing under all his posts. I can’t seem to split them – this is why I want to transfer FULL OWNERSHIP so he can customise the ‘about’ page and ‘profile’ specifically in accordance with his own details.

    But if I transfer the acumen blog can I be absolutely sure, this won’t transfer the everything associated with my primary blog?

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