How do I transfer LiveJournal content to WordPress blog?

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    Buenos dias,

    I would like to transfer all of my material, specifically including my Comments, from Live Journal to my new blog.

    Thank you for all of your help!

    Sky King Ranch


    Been a long time since i used livejournal, but i believe you can export the content as an xml document. do that then upload it here. You may have to fix a few things, but it should in theory work.

    That said if they stoped the export feature then your pretty much stuffed. HJave to use the tried and true copy and paste method :)



    First off, check what needs in the import. Go to your blog Admin => Manage => Import and then the “LiveJournal” link in there as a starting point.




    Yup, it’s there. You should be able to save an *.xml from LJ to your desktop and import that here.

    We usually recommend doing it early morning US time is at all possible. That’s usually when the servers are at their lowest stress levels. Just to be on the safe side.

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