How do I transfer my blog followers to new self-hosted site?

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    I’ve transferred my blog from to, but lost all of my followers in the process.
    Can you tell me what I should do to transfer these people over?
    Thank you very much.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi John,

    First, you’ll need to install and activate the Jetpack plugin, including connecting it with your account.

    We can only transfer email subscribers from your blog to your self–hosted blog since the rest of your followers are following your blog through Reader.

    (They can follow your self–hosted blog through Reader by clicking Edit List next to Blogs I Follow.)

    If you’d like us to proceed transferring the email subscribers from your old site to new site, please reply to this forum thread after you’ve connected Jetpack with your account.

    You can view the number of Email Followers that will be transferred on your Stats page by clicking the Blog link under Totals, Followers & Shares.


    Jetpack is installed and running on the new site. Thanks.



    I don’t see any Jetpack connections on your account. Did you connect Jetpack to a account?

    If so, which username did you connect it to?


    Jetpack is at the new location. I need to connect it to my old one, as well?



    Yes, you’ll need to install, activate, and connect Jetpack to your account.


    I have no idea how to do that (my designer did it on the new site).



    You’ll first need to install the Jetpack plugin from and activate it via the Plugins section of your self-hosted blog’s Dashboard.

    Once activated, the connection prompt will appear.


    I now have downloaded Jetpack onto my computer’s desktop, but don;t know what to do with it.
    Jetpack is running on my new blog (, but I don’t want to deactivate it, because it’s live.
    I don’t have a “plugins” menu item on the dashboard of my old blog.
    What should I do next?


    Hi Mac,
    I appreciate the help, but I have to step out for a couple of hours.
    Is there someone I can speak to live when I return?



    The Plugin needs to be installed and active on, not your blog (which you can’t install plugins on anyway).

    I took a look at and Jetpack has not yet been installed.

    To install the plugin, go to the Plugins -> Add New section of that blog’s Dashboard, and search for Jetpack. The first result should be “Jetpack by” and there will be an “Install Now” link below that.

    Click that to install Jetpack, once installed you will be prompted to activate it, so do that. Once activated, you’ll be prompted to connect it.



    Once you have connected it to your musicaltoronto account, please let us know and we’ll transfer your subscribers.


    As I’ve already said, it’s installed and activated (and has been for two weeks). How do I prove to you that this is the case?



    Oh, I apologize, I made a typo when looking for the files, which made it seem to me like it was not installed.

    Ok, in the Plugins section of the Dashboard at you should see Jetpack listed there. Is Jetpack’s row grayed out with the word “Activate” under it, or does it have a white background with the word “Deactivate” under it.

    If you see “Activate” under it, click that to activate the plugin and then follow the connection prompt to connect it to your musicaltoronto account.

    If you see “Deactivate” under it, try heading to the Jetpack section of your blog’s Dashboard to find the connection prompt. If you can’t find a Jetpack section in your blog’s Dashboard, it is most definitely not active.


    There is a Jetpack section in my dashboard. In the green section at the top of the main Jetpack window, it says Connected to If I move my curser over tis area, it gives me the option of disconnecting.
    As I mentioned several queries ago, I’m nervous about disconnecting, because the site is live.



    I don’t see any trace of the site connected here via Jetpack, which means that your designer must have connected it to his account, and connected it with the temporary URL too.

    This won’t work correctly anyway, so I recommend disconnecting it, then reconnecting it to your musicaltoronto account.


    OK. What sort of information should I have handy when I try to reconnect?


    I’ve disconnected and reconnected Jetpack to



    Perfect, I see it connected to your account and have transferred your subscribers as requested.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!


    Your help is much appreciated. Thanks very much.

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