How do I turn off the “Moderate” for posts? So people can just post…

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    I want people to be able to post, how do I make it so I don’t have to approve every post…I don’t care about the ‘Moderating”. Help?



    You can do it by going to Dashboard > Options > Discussion and making sure all three options in the before a comment appears area are not checked. Pretty simple, but easy to miss. :)





    No worries. Happy blogging. :)



    Actually, sorry, I just realised afterwards – did you mean posts or comments? Because the above will allow comments to go through right away; if you want other users of your blog to be able to write posts without having your having to approve them, you’ll need to go to Dashboard > Users and change the roles of the users. I think you meant comments, but if you didn’t, that’s how you do it.



    Hi there, I’m having the same problem. Even though I have it set up so any comment can come through, people are emailing me that they can’t leave a comment.

    I’m losing my mind trying to figure out how to fix this.




    Oh, and when I leave a comment on my own post, a different picture shows up as my avatar…


    Check in your dashboard under options > discussion. In the section “usual settings for an article” make certain “allow people to post comments on this article” is checked.

    Review the settings under “Before a comment appears” and make certain they are set as you would like them. Then click “update options.”

    Under options > general where it says “membership” make sure that the adjacent checkbox IS NOT CHECKED. If it is, and you uncheck it, then make sure to again click “update options.”

    Check these and correct as necessary, and if the problem persists, post back here and hopefully someone on staff will look into it this weekend for you. Staff do monitor these forums.


    If you have just recently changed your avatar, it takes up to a few hours sometimes for it to work its way through the system.


    One other thing Tanya, when you log out to see if you can leave a comment, before trying to leave the comment, clear the cache on your browser and then try and leave the comment.



    Thank you!
    Thank you so much.



    aw, crumb! My picture!



    You are welcome and I’m glad we solved at least part of your problem.

    Avatars can sometimes be a little flakey. If I were you, I would try uploading the one you want again. It will take a little while for it to make it through the system though, so give it at least a few hours to see if it settles down. If not, contact staff on Monday between 9am and 5pm Pacific: .



    yay! my picture is now the real me!

    Thanks again, superstars!



    You are welcome!

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