How do i type in my language

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    I was very much excited to see wordpress supporting telugu my native language. I wanted to comment on a blog in telugu and I was quite surprised that after half an hour of struggle I failed. I could not locate anything in support and forum links.
    I am particularly embarrassed as I am in software for 12 years :) and yet coutld not figure out how to type in my language :(. I am wondering how all others were able to post. It appears my grandma can post but I can not :(.



    You did not specify a blog address or reason for posting when you created this topic.

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    Thanks Universalgeni for the replies, I tried reducing the security level and also I am not under any firewall.

    I think the issue is that it is naive of me to expect that while i type in English, it gets automatically translated into my native language when I set my language in the profile, silly me :). I never typed before in Telugu and hence am ignorant on how to UCS in a text box :).

    I managed a quick workaround as my patience level is low :). Type in other online translation sites and paste it in here which works as of now.


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