How do I unattach a photo?

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    Good day,
    I want to attach a photo to a specific page (to use the gallery function) but the photo in question is already attached to another page. Is there a way for me to “unattach” a photo or switch which page a photo is attached to? The attached photo in question is not being used in a slideshow or gallery on the page it is currently attached to. I do want the specific photo to continue showing on the page it is currently viewable on.
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    There is not a way to move the attachments around currently. But it’s a great suggestion! How that works is part of the core WordPress software functions. The media functions have been on the list for a refresh for quite a while in the core WordPress software. Hopefully we’ll start seeing some media-related udpates in the next few releases.



    Thank you for the confirmation that it is not possible to “unattach” a previously attached photo. What do you think my options are for using an already attached photo in a gallery or slideshow on a different page? Maybe I could reload the photo? I do think I will not attach a photo to a specific page anymore unless I plan on there being a gallery or slideshow on that page.

    And, a thank to the WordPress staff for giving such quick replies!



    Your best option would be to re-upload the photo to the specific page you’d like to add it to :)



    I do hope WordPress, can at a future date, make it possible to either “unattach” or move a attached photo.

    Untill then I will be reloading photos and just have the photos attached to different pages…o’well, thanks anyway & bye.

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