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How do I unpin admin tools in composition page? -compensating for 'improvements'

  1. There's lot of justified displeasure, I see, over the recent 'big' changes to WP. Justified! Functionality - core functionality - has been impaired. It's mind boggling. I'd love to know why it was done. It might be something to blog about!

    Reading the posts, I came across mention of a work-around, I guess you'd call it. The author suggested unpinning the side admin tools in the composing page where we select text and visual editors so that they float with the scrolling window. The author unhelpfully left out (at least in language I can understand) how to accomplish that task. Might someone be so kind?

    Strangely, I only saw one other reference to another 'big' problem that this latest tweak caused. My typing in the text editor is sluggish. The comment I saw that looked like a similar complaint referred to 'stuttering'. Some of us grapple more with language than others. It's not a crime. We shouldn't be punished. We are WP users. Don't the folks behind WP realize that we are WP's free advertizing to the rest of the public? Or are we, even collectively, not important enough or rich enough to count?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What you're describing isn't an existing workaround. It was a suggestion to staff of something that could be implemented. In other words, it is not possible at this time.

    The sluggish typing could also be a computer or browser issue - I've experienced it at times when my connection was weak or if my computer had too many processes running in the background. Try clearing your browser cache and cookies, resetting your router/modem and close any unnecessary background programs on your computer and see if that makes any difference.

  3. Sluggishness is also a symptom of "browser bloat" ie. too many browser add-ons and extensions. You could try disabling theme all. Then re-enable them each one at a time and check as you go.

  4. Wow. I do appreciate the help. But I run pretty lean. I run my Ccleaner frequently, so that should get rid of a great deal of crap. I wouldn't think I have too many browser add-ons. I am not a fan of 'collecting' them. I am focussed on utility and function, so I will indeed have a few that I might use in order to enhance performance. Obviously, there's a cause. But it's only in my WP that I'm seeing this sluggishness and that has only happened just when the 'improvements' were sprung on us. I'll try to report back.

  5. Here are my six 'extensions' in Firefox:

    -Adblock Plus 2.6.4
    -Media Hint
    -Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar Plus 1.2
    -Photobucket Uploader 1.3.9
    -Zoompage 10.7
    -Download videos and MP3s from YouTube

    Here are my three enabled and two disabled plugins:

    -Java (TM) Platform SE 7 U65
    -QuickTime Plug-in
    -Shockwave Flash 11.9.900.152
    -Canonon iMAGE GATEWAY Album Plugin Utility (disabled)
    -Java Deployment Toolkit 7.0.650.20 (! - Java Deployment Toolkit7.0.650.2.20 is known to be vulnerable. Use with caution)

    I will now disable one or two (maybe more) to see what that does.

  6. I do have quite a few tabs open when composing. But I've never had issues with that before, although this post I'm working on is large and resource-intensive.

  7. I disabled non essentials. Now, I'm not a techie. Can I function without Shockwave and Java and QuickTime. Why would QuickTime or Shockwave impair me when I'm doing nothing to activate them? I wouldn't know about the Java.

  8. Okay. I disabled a few more things. No dice. I then tried a new post. No problem. Therefore, The only thing it can be is my lengthy post. And I am disappointed. But at least now I know. I will grin and bear it and finish the damn thing.

    As for the mutilation of WP by the great team who have done so much for so many, It should have been fixed by now. No excuses. If they were I'm very, very disappointed. And sad. Good people shouldn't do bad things. Isn't this manmade hell hot enough? But, unless the team consists of the owners, which means the bosses, I would not target them for the greatest criticism here.

  9. And I can't tell you how much it stinks that we can't edit anything here, but perhaps that just wouldn't work.

  10. It should have been fixed by now

    I understand your frustration, but I'm following several threads related to these bugs and they're getting fixed one after the other, so the developers really are working hard on this. And they reckon the "mutilation" you speak of is an improvement, so... ;-)

    It could be that the longer post is causing this, especially if you have many images included in it. Saving your draft more regularly might help, but I'm not sure.

  11. I think it's time to call in Staff. I'll tag this thread for a Staff follow-up. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  12. Well, sure. But as I noted, When I experimented and tried a new post, there was no problem with sluggishness. It's my long post. I don't know whether I would call it a problem. It's inconvenient - to me, for sure.

    I'm going to try something else in the meantime. I'm going to chop up my post. I will do three (quantitatively) different posts, in other words, dealing with sections of the post I'm working on. I assume that the sluggishness problem will disappear. If it doesn't, then maybe's muscles are a bit lacking, like mine, and that's that.

  13. kokkieh: There's no ;-) I'm being frustrated. Follow all the threads you want.

    I just split up my long post into three and WP did strange things to them that I can't even describe. I can't keep up with the nastiness happening to me, let alone others. I've been essentially stopped dead in my tracks by my evil boss and by this.

    And I absolutely do not like the way WP - the platform - is behaving right now. It's downright bizarre. I'm NOT impressed. Boy is their timing crap. In the middle of losing my job, working hours and hours on this post - with my blog being the one thing in my life that I felt was productive and working okay - this crap happens! And it's CRAP!!!

  14. @arrby
    timethief has tagged this thread for staff. Please be patient while waiting for their response and hopefully they can help you sort this out. If you keep posting here it will only take longer for them to reach this thread.

  15. No problem. But I no longer want to talk to you. Others I will talk to.

  16. Hey Arrby!

    I totally understand where your frustration is coming from and I'm sorry about that. We see the changes made to the post editor as a major step towards a more streamlined blogging experience. Admittedly, at the moment it has its shortcomings, but our developer team is working very hard to address them.

    As for the sluggishness that you're experiencing, I would agree that it may have to do with the length of the post, but I would also consider the size and number of images inserted there. If you work mainly in the Visual Editor, these images are also rendered, which results in more memory consumed by your browser.

    You can try using the Text Editor mainly while you're typing your content, and switch to the Visual Editor from time to time to preview your work.

    Let me know if that helps. Thank you!

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