How do I 'unshow' the categories/tags listed below each post on my home page

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    Remove the tags/categories listed below posts on the home page

    Below each post on the home page is the list of categories/tags, I would like them not to be visible. How can I do that?


    The blog I need help with is


    login and goto
    in the
    Enhanced Feeds/Add to each article in your feed:
    section of page, uncheck the boxes



    Thanks, but they are already ‘unticked’.

    I have recently changed theme, in my last theme I had to go into the advanced settings to hide the tags/categories. I was told exaclty what to do through HELP….sorry I cant remember any more than that



    Check your theme description, the link of your theme is at the bottom of your page. The theme you have chosen ‘may’ have tags/cats ‘hard-wired’ into it, and you may have ‘no-choice’ about it.
    lf your theme does give you the options, then they ‘could’ be located as,
    1. a theme WIDGET
    dashboard>appearance>widgets __ OR,
    2. special/extra theme options
    (but you will have to visit your theme description to learn which one)



    Please ignore what’s suggested above. That applies only to WordPress.ORG installs and we do not provide support for WordPress.ORG software here at WordPress.COM.

    You have a free hosted blog. Unless you use the INove theme or the Monochrome theme on your free hosted blog, you cannot suppress the display of Categories or Tags on any other theme without purchasing a custom design upgrade and doing the required CSS editing to hide them. For purchasing an annually renewable custom design upgrade and doing the required CSS editing on any theme see here.

    Important note: CSS editing is theme dependent. In some themes, categories and/or tags cannot be hidden independently, as they are in the same selector as the other meta data elements such as author, date, and perhaps even the “leave a comment” link, which means if you hide one, then you hide them all.



    Welcome and thanks for trying to help. Prior to answering any support questions here at please read this comparison Know that and are completely separate and we do not post any answers to questions because they are not correct answers and only cause confusion and frustration. Our support documentation is found here Our search utilities work very well and we have a crew of very experienced Volunteers on these peer support forums whose answers can be located via searching and considered prior to posting.



    I note that you have a custom design upgrade. This thread will be moved to the CSS Forum for you where you can get the help you need.


    @timethief l thought @stumcintosh was on, as l am. When hovering over both our avatars, we both show up as
    (l don’t know anything about the .org stuff)



    Oh so you were just speculating then and posted twice without being sure what you posted was correct.


    To hide categories and tags below post on the homepage at the Twenty Ten theme, add this to your Appearance > Customize > CSS panel:

    .entry-utility .cat-links,
    .entry-utility .meta-sep {
    	display: none;

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