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how do i unsubscribe?

  1. fakefranknunley

    i would like to unsubscribe please
    Blog url:

  2. fakefranknunley

    how do i unsubscribe to pro football talk?

  3. thistimethisspace

    There is an "unsubscribe" link they can click on the bottom of the emails they receive of post updates.

    If your follower has a username only and no blog, he or she should be able to unsubscribe using the following link. No login, but heo or she does need to enter an email to get a key to get in:

    You can go to your reader!/read/ and click the "Edit List" link!/read/edit/ On that page you can choose from the dropdown box how frequently you want to receive updates. "Get new posts
    by email";

  4. thistimethisspace

    oops! You weren't talking about a follower - you were talking about yourself. The same still applies if pro football talk is a free hosted blog.

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