How do I update?

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    Just wondering, I understand that v.3.6.1 fixes a number of security issues. How do I find out what version I’m running and how do I update if necessary?


    The blog I need help with is


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    Your site is hosted here on for free. You have paid for a domain mapping upgrade, but your site is still being hosted here on You are not paying anyone to host your site.

    Are you aware of the different flavors of WordPress? If not this info will fill you in on the varieties:

    So, all that said and read, you want to know which version of WordPress you have. The answer is you don’t have one. is constantly (minute by minute; or daily anyway) being updated. This platform is newer than any wp.ORG software available. The code warriors and theme wrangles and the rest of the staff is always working on new things for this platform. Some of which will be implemented on wp.ORG at a later time.

    If, and when, there are security issues they are not a concern for us wp.COM bloggers. The staff takes care of all that for us.


    Hi, thanks for the reply. The email I received was part of a regular government online safety advisory I receive and it said:

    “A new version of the popular blogging platform WordPress has been released. Version 3.6.1 fixes a number of important security issues. If you use WordPress you are advised to update immediately.

    In particular, the new version fixes a flaw that has been demonstrated to be exploitable in the wild, and could potentially allow an attacker to gain unauthorised access to your WordPress account.”

    But if WordPress does all that for us, then that’s great :)


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    Yes, but please read my link to understand about the different kinds of WordPress:
    .com is not the same as .org

    You are using .com so that safety advisory would not apply to your site.
    All is well.


    Thank you :)

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