How do I update a file??

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    I want to upload a new version of a file, without having to change all the links again.
    I made a pdf but I found out it is too big. I made a condensed version and I want to upload it under the same name.
    I tried to do this before, but ended up deleting the old file and uploading the new version, and having to change ALL internal and external links all over again.
    I hope there is a way to update the old file (or the links to the new file version), without having to change any links.

    The blog I need help with is



    As long as the file is uploaded to WP, there’s no way to do that. When you re-upload a file with the same name, an extra number is appended to the name, to distinguish the new file from the older one. You won’t get that only if you don’t re-upload it the same month, but then again the URL will be different.

    The only solution is to upload such files to a free file-hosting site.



    Thank you Justpi, I was already afraid of that…. I noticed the number after the name. Too bad. I would think this could be a handy new feature of WordPress. Something to ask Santa perhaps? My birthday was two days ago…. ;-)
    I tried to understand FileZilla, but ended up somewhere in the woods. Okay, I’ll just upload the other version and hope people will bear with me. I’ll leave the old version for them, unlinked but still existing.

    Thanks again anyway!



    You’re welcome. The other way around this issue is to insert links to such files in a page, and give the URL of the page instead of the file.

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