How do I upgrade an expired domain? I need to fix this asap.

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    We need our domain to be upgraded for the $18 fee immediately. I don’t have the option under “MY UPGRADES” to pay for it. Whom can I talk to make this happen asap?

    The blog I need help with is



    You must be logged in under the exact username account that registered the blog and purchased the upgrade to renew.



    Another issue is your domain name is in Redemption – that means that you need staff help to renew it – it expired 05-dec-2012 – I have flagged this for the staff to help you


    Yes. I went into the accoun under my wife’s ID, and realized we still couldnt renew. I sent an email about this issue as well


    Also, thanks for the responses! I only wish they had a number or something to be reached at. We need to get the staff to help us renew it as soon as possible.

    Thanks for everyone’s help



    Hi there, I sent an email with instructions on how to recover the domain to the email address associated with the domain owner (the user who originally purchased the domain). Please reply to that email when you have a chance, thanks!


    Thank you! I’ll tell my wife to go check her email.


    Actually, I see you sent the email to me.

    So there is an ADDITIONAL fee just to restore it? I’ll talk to my wife and see what she wants to do. That late fee is rather high just to renew, when we can just create the webpage somewhere else.

    I’ll see what she says. Thx


    Good afternoon Jenia. This is Tacoma Perry, who set the site up. When I tried to renew back in December, there was a problem trying to renew it during the “grace” period. Is this renewal price my husband told me about our only option? I like the name we had chosen, but the price seems a bit excessive to just renew/reinstate a domain?



    The extra fee is set by the registrar – WordPress.COM has no control over the extra fee



    Hi there, at this point the safest option to keep the domain is to proceed with the redemption, at the price including the late renewal fee indicated in my email. I reviewed your account and did not see attempted renewal attempts or support requests during the grace period, so unfortunately that ship has sailed.

    If your domain expires and nobody else backorders it or purchases it at an auction (you can never be sure who might want your domain), you might be able to register it again at a regular price. Beware that you risk losing your domain this way, as someone else might buy it instead.

    Note that any content you have created will remain available at this address, at no extra charge:

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