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How do I upload a post from iWriter when my blog doesn't have options they want?

  1. I'm trying to upload an article from iWriter to my blog. Some of the things they say to do I don't see that option in my dashboard. They want me to enable xmlrcp? I don't see that option under setting>writing. They also want to to add a new user. Under users I don't see that option, I have all users, invite a new user, etc. My blog already has a username and password - is that why? I want to post my first blog post, I don'y create a new blog for every post right, that sounds silly.I really need help, is there anyone I can talk to?
    Blog url:

  2. XML-RPC is already enabled by default here at
    Make sure that you have the correct XML-RPC URL:
    See here

  3. Thanks for that. I didn't even think that since the option wasn't available that it was already enabled. How about when it ask to add a new user? Should I have to do that if my blog is already set up?

  4. I do not use the tool you refer to so I don't have definitive answer. If they ask for a URL then this is the one I would provide

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