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How do I upload an HTML verification file from Pinterest to my WordPress site?

  1. Pinterst is asking me to "Upload this file to your web server ( " How do I do that on my WordPresss site in order to verify my website?
    Blog url:

  2. nextgenhomeschool

    Same thing happening here! Blog url: - I would really like to know what to do!

  3. fionagrayinberlin

    I'd also appreciate some advice please


  4. null
    I found this page with a walkthrough. But when I get to the upload file step, I get an error upload message. If someone else figures out how to get past this step I'd appreciate help!

  5. Unfortunately verification not yet available for blogging platforms: :(

  6. Ah, rats. Well, thanks all. Hopefully someone somewhere might find the answer for us :)

  7. Looks like Pinterest has the option of verifying by adding a meta tag now.. does anyone know how to do this on WP? (Pinterest's instructions are: 1. Add this meta tag to the <head> of your index.html file (or equivalent):__________________________________________________________
    Thanks all!

  8. You can't add meta tags on blogs.

  9. Thanks for clarifying!

  10. Since November 15th Pinterest has been rolling out business accounts and requiring the verification you refer to for those accounts.

    See here

  11. Thank you for these helpful links; I tried both ways, but it doesn't seem to be working for me. Thanks again!

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