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how do I upload frok My computer document files

  1. I attempted the scribd approach to uploading a document but the title seems to be all that transfers ??!!!!///??
    Blog url:

  2. Did you follow this guide?

  3. I followed the guide! Same result! I do not intend to operate a blog. It is my goal to post this 114 page report simply to provide internet access to it. This report has both color and multiple images. If I cannot make this happen, Word Press is useless to me!

  4. It sounds like you're having issues with Scribd, not WordPress. Please give us a link to the actual document at Scribd and the page where you've uploaded it (or tried) to your blog.

  5. At this point my blog site is blank other than the link to scribd. The link address (?) is Thanks.

  6. The word "deleted" appears in that Scribd URL when you load it. That's the problem; it's deleted.

  7. This works fine though

    You have made the title of your blog post a link to the proper Scribd page. If what you want instead is to embed the document, you need to use the shortcode in the visual editor of the post.

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