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how do i upload image into header

  1. how do i upload image into header

  2. Goto Presentation ยป Custom Image Header, and there should be an option to browse and upload your own image. be sure to change the text colors, if it applies.

  3. The theme you have chosen is Contempt. It calls for a pre-sized header 750 pixels x 140 pixels.

  4. Did it work for you?

  5. i have the regulus and it won't let me browse images. i have to put in the url of the image. how am i suppost to get the url of a header image?

  6. Well here's one way that may be helpful. Go to a blank "write" post page and upload the image which must be exactly 730 pixels x 140 pixels. Now you will have the url. Select it with your mouse and copy the image url part. Then paste it into the image url spot on the correct Regulus page.

  7. Dashboard &gt? manage -> uploads as well. if you click on one of the little icons, the system should show you the URL of your image.

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