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How do I use a theme from another source?

  1. I have downloaded another theme but now I don't know how to get it onto my blog. (I'm new, please be kind).


  2. if you're new, you should read the stickies at the top of the forums to learn more about blogging in =)

    as we're bloggers in, we cannot use any themes except the ones available in the dashboard. there are plenty to choose from, one of which should hopefully suit your tastes and needs.

    if you want to use the theme you've downloaded, you have to get your blog hosted elsewhere.

    oh, there's also the option of css if you want extra customisation, which you have to purchase.

  3. I chose one from which says that WordPress supports it.

  4. doesn't allow you to use themes, if you were to host your own wordpress blog, you could use it. check out the sticky thread, it makes things more clear:

  5. Usually when you see 'WordPress' somewhere, they're talking about the version of WordPress from thaqt you can download, find yourself a host, and install and run yourself. is more of a shared environment that's based on WordPress Multiuser. WPMu is based on a lot of the same code as standard WordPress is but there are differences. That Read Me First covers a number of them.


  6. Thanks all, especially drmike. I got it now!

  7. @mypinktruth
    wank has ported some themes you might consider. Using them would requires a css customization upgrade. Two are pink themes and you can see them here

  8. The sandbox theme is pretty much an empty palette for you to modify if you want to pick up the CSS upgrade.

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