How do i use a wp.COM blog to enhance my Photograhy?

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    Hey there,

    Alright, I have a wp.COM blog created, no traffic or anything as of now, as I am still building and waiting to get published, so basically, this is just a trial run. I am using the Modularity Lite theme (cause I love the whole integration of the color black!).

    However, this is just an appeal to fellow photographer out there, I would like to gather some information or tips or any resource that would help me use my blog as a platform to portray my work (something like creating a portfolio – interesting,yet simple!). I tried working with Cooliris (formerly Piclens), but found that I could not use this with my wp.COM blog. Just that I loved the amazing UI in Cooliris, but was highly disappointed at the fact that I could not integrate it with my blog!

    Just asking everyone out there, if you could give me some suggestions or some sort of similar UIs (like Cooliris) through which I could create a separate page on my blog to display my portfolio (flash based if possible!).

    Hope you’ll understand my question!

    Thanks a lot!



    The blog I need help with is


    Hi Trevor. Staff would tell you you can’t use Cooliris because it’s flash, but that’s not true – it’s just a bit complicated.

    Unfortunately, staff also claim they’re “considering focusing more staff support on the forums”, and have implemented a 30-minute block on replies from volunteers so that staff can reply first (although they rarely manage to do so). This annoying obstacle has made some of us rather unwilling to offer much help here. I happen to be the only volunteer who can help you with this, but sorry, the best thing I can do at the moment is promise I’ll publish a relevant post in my tips blog. Thanks for bringing Cooliris to my attention.



    He really is the only volunteer who can help you with this, unless Jennifer isn’t telling us something.

    My only suggestion is to look around the blogs using the Photography tag and see what they’ve done. People will generally be happy to tell you how they made something work if you ask nicely.


    Moderator Emeritus

    Or click Panos’s name above.
    Your question sounds like a very interesting idea…



    You can embed the Cooliris Express Viewer with the [gigya] shortcode. Head over to the Cooliris Wall Builder page and follow the instructions to load in your pictures, customise the display and finally publish it. You can skip the prompt that asks you connect to any networks all you really want is the embed code. Copy it into your blog and delete everything except the attributes listed in the “embed” tag. Paste these attributes into your [gigya] shortcode and you should be able to view it on your blog. The completed shortcode will look something like this:

    [gigya id="ci_61150_e" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="" width="400" height="248" allowFullScreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" bgColor="#121212" flashvars="" wmode="opaque"]



    Thanks for having a problem installing cooliris in :p
    I mean, I got to know about cooliris (which is gonna be very handy in my forever-going-to-happen-soon photoblog) because you had a “problem”!

    That’s a pretty cool solution. Thanks for posting this!



    @rain – Ah, yes, I’ve been holding back! ;-)

    You can post directly from Cooliris to your blog, if you feel comfortable giving them your username and password.

    But (insert Caveat here) it’s published immediately and not saved as a draft and if you have more than one blog, Cooliris will only publish to your primary blog.

    In other words, the other options listed above are better.



    Cool! Thanks for not holding back for ever! :)


    For the record, Mr wiseguy above learned the gigya technique from here:



    It’s true, you get the credit for this one, good work!



    I am extremely sorry for not thanking you in this thread (I did thank you in my blog, though). I just want to say that you are the bringer of hope and happiness to many users because of your Flash hacks (and other tricks and tips).

    Carry on! :D

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