How do I use the one-column option for the Morning after Theme?

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    I have looked everywhere trying to figure this out….sorry to bug you. I want the text to spread over the page side to side, and to have all comments added at the bottom. I don’t really want other widgets….this is going to be a conversation site. Or, if I can’t do that, can I have only two columns, one being the text now on the left(or whatever that gets changed to from time to time), the other being the most Recent Comments on the right?
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    The Morning After has a page template called “Full Width” which you can use to make pages one column only. However, there is not a way to make the default front page or the posts page one column using the settings built in to The Morning After theme.

    If you wanted to use a static front page, you could do that and also use the Full Width page template.

    Posts and pages are different in WordPress. Sometimes have page templates such as the Full Width page template in The Morning After.

    Another alternative would be to add CSS to modify the layout of the theme and hide the right side column. You would need the Custom Design upgrade and you can get CSS help in the forums at


    Thank you so much! I’ll play with it.

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