How do I verify site with TradeDoubler?

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    I need to verify my site with TradeDouble so that I can use iTunes affiliate links for the UK.

    They only give me two options neither of which you seem to allow or support:

    Option 1:
    Copy the meta tag below and paste it under the <HEAD> tag of the code of your sites homepage. [ See example]
    Option 2:
    Create an empty file and simply name it: 2228273.html. Then save this file in the root of your webserver e.g.;. You will need to access your hosting via your FTP or web browser to do this. [ See example]

    What can I do other than move to another platform?

    The blog I need help with is



    so that I can use iTunes affiliate links for the UK.

    Read this and then hire a web host and set up your own install.


    Thanks! I’d forgotten that affiliate links were also banned.

    I’ve used this platform just enough to never want to use it again.

    Hope it’s working out for you!


    timethief, since you know what’s up, they say we can use Amazon links and “certain select” links.

    I’m just trying to set up an iTunes affiliate account and TradeDouble handles that for them in the UK.


    So we can’t use iTunes affiliate links?


    Tom thanks for trying. I heard back from TradeDoubler but I realized on my own that won’t ever support that because, even if they wanted to support iTunes, TradeDoubler deals with lots of different affiliates.

    So I’m tabling that concern till I move to a install and I’ve got the info I need for when I do that.

    It’s unfortunate but I understand why is taking this route. And it actually makes an interesting case for Amazon’s decision to create their own affiliate program rather than outsourcing it.

    Thanks everybody! I’m unsubscribing and treating this as a closed thread for my issues.



    To clarify, does not allow affiliate links except in situations such as a book review blog, with substantive, original reviews, that uses an Amazon link to link to the book. If staff think the main purpose of the blog is to drive links to affiliate traffic, or there are affiliate links in the sidebar, or in every post, yeah, that’s a problem.

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