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How do I view Daily visits (Last 30 days)

  1. Instead of Region A/Region B? For that matter what IS region a/b?

  2. Refresh your stats page. Those graphs shouldn't be showing up at all. If refreshing doesn't get rid of it and show the proper graph, send a ticket to Support using the Support button on your dashboard or email them.

  3. I'll contact them. I get those graphs almost 80% of the time, even when I refresh. Thanks!

  4. I've only gotten them when I was behind some heavy-duty security walls. They shouldn't ever show up.

  5. i know this isn't really a solution, but when my mother was getting those crazy bar graphs in IE, i had her switch to Firefox. She never sees them now.

  6. im in firefox. i tried in in both browsers. I even shut off my firewall temporarily. Support told me "I'm told that bar graph is what gets displayed when the regular data for the line graph hasn't loaded yet."

    I'm not buying that, b/c I almost never see the line graph (the 30 days stats)

  7. If you have a really, REALLY old version of flash you might see it. Have you updated yours lately?

    I also always used to get it when I was on dialup. What kind of access do you have?

  8. I'll try updating flash. I'm on a neighbours cable modem.

  9. okay I updated my flash for both firefox and ie. On 10 stats page loads, I got the bar graph 10 times.

  10. That's bizarre. I'm out of my technical depth at this point. If you know how to check your connection speed, that's what I'd do next. Otherwise, I just hope someone with more ideas comes along.

    I did find a way to get daily totals from here:

    Which is to check them here:

  11. thank you for the links! That second link is exactly what I need. I dont care if the bar graph shows up now... I like the 1st one too, I clicked a bunch of tabs to read.

  12. hmm, it is showing up OCCASIONALLY now. I have my firefox set to auto refresh every 5 mins, which may help. but I love that link that lets me see my hits!

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