how do i widen image size for my posts in harmonic theme?

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    harmonic theme has a default image size set to to 662px for posts.
    can i widen this default to, say 900px ? how do i go about doing it?

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    The blog I need help with is



    The approach I would take is to stop the theme from splitting the main content area into two. Currently the post content is on the right taking up 75% of the default width and the meta information (date, tags, categories, etc.) is on the left taking up the remaining 25%.

    You can set these both to take up the full 100% width which gives you 852px wide images by adding the following to your custom CSS:

    .entry-meta, .entry-main {

    You will also need to set this value in the content width box on the CSS page which should make the galleries expand to the new width too. Let me know how you think it looks!


    hi hallluke,

    many thanks for responding so quickly to my query.
    i have made the change as you suggested and it’s good.
    i like the look of it now except the meta info are now above the post, is it possible to place them below the post, except for the date?

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    That gets tricky because the height of the meta section depends on how many tags you use, it’s generally one line or two on a desktop size screen but can be more especially when you take mobiles and tablets into account. I’m investigating now and if I come up with something that could work I will let you know.


    many thanks, hallluke.
    i hope to hear the good news from you.

    best regards,



    Rather than start another post on a very similar subject, would you mind if i hijacked yours?? (!)(sorry!)

    I just wondered if you could remove the meta data altogether, except for the date. I’m not bothered about seeing the categories and tags on the post. If you know how to remove them on the Harmonic theme, i would be really grateful for any advice.

    Many thanks


    Hi @cosmicmagpie, since you are using a different theme, and since CSS is theme specific, can I ask you to create a new thread in the CSS Forum and I’ll watch for it and help you out. Many thanks in advance.



    Hiya, thanks for the email and yes i’m using a different theme on my live site, but i want to change it to the Harmonic theme. I have a hidden/dummy site that i do all major changes on first ( Once i’m happy with it on here, then i’ll change it on the live site, so the question is Harmonic specific (the Harmonic theme has a steeper learning curve than most, for me anyway, hence trying it out elsewhere first!)

    Thanks again


    @cosmicmagpie, ah, ok, let’s start a new thread on that since it is a different subject than this one and that way those coming to this thread later on won’t get confused. I’ll watch for your post.
    Thanks in advance.

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