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How do I wipe out an account completely?

  1. I registered a username @ but decided not to keep my blog and deleted it. However, deleting the blog does not seem to have deleted my account. In fact, I am using the same username and my old password to post this very entry. What do I need to do in order to wipe out my account completely?

  2. Why worry about it? Just don't use it!

    The blog's gone, it's just the account that remains.

  3. The blog's gone, it's just the account that remains.

    Exactly. And my question was: How I can delete it?

    I do think that this is a sensible question. As an example: if I ‘just don’t use it’, how would I notice when someone finds out about my password and uses my account to post spam? When I signed up for the account, I agreed to take responsibility for it. Now my question is how to get rid of this responsibility.

  4. They is no current method to do so, probably because removing it from the database would allow it to be reused and the reuse of accounts by other people is not something allowed here. You can try sending an email to support at this domain but I have a feeling that that's what they're going to tell you.

  5. Thanks for your answer, drmike.

    It should be possible of course to implement a scheme where deleting an account adds an entry to a blocklist of used account names, so that nobody can apply for the same account again.

    I guess I will have to keep nagging until the people at automattic implement something like this.

  6. patriotsfanblog

    Why do you care? I doubt anybody will actially hack into your blog and spam, especially since its not even viewable.

  7. @ patriotsfanblog: My blog is deactivated. I was wanting to say that someone could hack into my account and post *cough* to this forum. I know that this is unlikely, but then it is likely enough that automattic includes precautions against it by making you accept responsibility for the case that it happens.

    [Post edited - drmike]

  8. How about sending in a message on feedback stating the foregoing, noting the date and making the statement that you will no longer accept responsibility and why? Maybe that would ease your mind about the issue.

  9. this is a valid point...why not have a method for removing the account and blocking it for further use..its not the question of whether it happens actually or not.the question is about accepting the terms of one knew humans could fly..and they there are endless possibilities of things going wrong..a complete control over the account should be there.

  10. I have now sent a mail to automattic explaining my position. Let’s see what comes out of it.

  11. I am still waiting for an adequate response from automattic. (My concerns seem to be so extraordinary that I am having a hard time to make myself clear.)

    In the meantime, here are two quotes (from WordPress.COM’s Terms of Service and Automattic’s Privacy Policy) that may add some substance to my request:

    If you create a blog on the Website, you are responsible for maintaining the security of your account and blog, and you are fully responsible for all activities that occur under the account and any other actions taken in connection with the blog.

    So, as long as my account still exists, I am fully responsible for all activities occuring under it. That’s why I want the account to be deleted.

    In our blogging products, we aim to make it as simple as possible for you to control what’s visible to the public, seen by search engines, kept private, and permanently deleted.

    So it should be simple for me to say that I want my account to be permanently deleted. I’m only asking exactly how this can be done. (Deleting the blog does not permanently delete the whole account.)

  12. Rather than repeatedly returning to the support forum with this matter, which you already know cannot be resolved by your fellow bloggers, you could choose to send an email to [email redacted].

  13. So I have done, see my post from 2006-06-14. As I am stating in my previous post, I am still waiting for an adequate answer from them. But thanks for your advice.

  14. I read your post previously so I'm scratching my head and wondering why you're continuing to post to the forum. I don't think posting here has been very effective but perhaps you're just seeking an audience or something.I'm sure if someone had been up to something devious you would have reported that so I guess you just have a need to be heard. I heard you.:)

  15. I heard :)

    I will put it into the FAQ at some point.

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