How do I write a category in the head line?

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    I want to place a few categories on the head line, but do not know how to do it properly. Could you please be so nice as to help me? Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is



    Is this supposed to be your answer to my request for help? I am so sorry, but do not understand what it means.



    It sounds like you would like to have a custom navigation menu. Did I understand your question correctly? If so, this support article will walk you through setting up a custom menu:

    You might also be interested in creating a Contact Form form for your site. This support article has some tips: Contact Form.



    Thank you very much Jenia. I am not sure, if I am able to ask correctly, what I want to do. Could you please go to my hp “New ACD Gazette”. Here I managed to make categories to the head with a drop down menu. I am trying since days to do the same in this site “Lyrik-Fotos-Finland.



    the contact form shows this:
    This Connection is Untrusted



    So it looks like you created a custom menu here:

    You have not enabled it though. Select it under Primary Navigation and click on Save to make it live on your site.



    I tried it again,, but now are under Kaleidoskop so any articles, which do not belong there….



    You can remove any articles under Kaleidoskop that you don’t want to be displayed in the menu. To delete an item from the menu, click on the arrow to open the item, and then click the red “Remove” link. When you’re done, click the blue “Save Menu” link.



    Thanks for your try to help me. Unfortunately I am too stupid to make it. I am desperate, worked the hole night without sleeping. I give up. will take the whole site away ad try , if I can make it with another company.



    Working all night, that’s no fun! Let me have another look, I’m sure we can help you out. Could you write out in a list of what you want your menu items and sub-items to be? Then we’ll work together to create a custom menu accordingly.



    Dear Jenia, I do not think, it makes sense. I now took the customs away, because there was always:”did not find this page”.I have the feeling, that your and my generation are talking completely different languages. I am 75 years old, never had any instructions for computer science. I learned that bit I can by myself. Whatever you are writing sounds for me like at least Chinean or Kisuaheli. Someone of us comes from a different star.
    There is no possibility for me to understand you. Sorry.



    What I meant by menu items and sub-menu items was this: right now, you have the following structure set up in your custom menu (I looked it up via this link:, with dots representing the level, so one dot = first level, two dots = second level, three dots = third level etc. Here is what I see and this is how I showed the levels:

    . Kontakt
    . Links
    . Kaleidoskop
    . . Kreislauf des Lebens
    . . . Schnappschuss
    . . . Winter
    . . . . Winter
    . . . . Sunny wintertime
    . . . . Lichtblicke

    … etcetera. So it looks like you have some posts/categories in there several time, so need to remove those by clicking the down error to expand an item, then clicking “Remove”.

    For example, I see that you had a menu item (what you refer to as “category”) “Hamburg 1943”. I made it a first-level menu item so that it now appears in your navigation bar (I think that’s what you refer to as “headline”). Like this: So, if I understand correctly, you want some other/more items like “Hamburg 1943” to appear on that line? If you could give me more details, I’ll be glad to assists.

    I think you’ve done a terrific job up to this point, by the way, generational differences notwithstanding :) So if you want to give it another try, I’ll be happy to help whenever you are ready, and if not, then safe cyber-travels on the internet!



    Dear Jenia, I have not the slightest idea how this topic “Hamburg1943” came there, but I wanted some other topics exactly like this. I took it as an example. I took all the “custom” away, but called it “category”. It’s now the second night without any sleep. Here it is now 4.20 at night. I thank you for your support and really nice words, which made me go on.
    Thanks a lot and good night, jenia
    sincerely, Doris



    Hi Doris, I put it the topic “Hamburg 1943” in there, just as an example.

    Making progress! Okay, so in the main navigation menu bar you have the following now:

    • Hamburg 1943
    • Motto
    • Kaleidoskop
    • Links
    • Kontakt
    • Lyrik


    Are those the topics that you want there? If not, could you write out which topics you want there, in the order you want them to show? And then we’ll work out what goes beneath those topics (second level, third level, etc).

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