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How do Itransfer the links I have on commemts page

  1. I have created a static front page called Welcome and made a separate Comments page for comments/blog entries. Now the links I had on my "Home" page are on the comments page. How can I change them all back so they show on the new front page? Do I have to delete them all and start again/ Also what hapens to my Profile?

    Hope someone can help please.

    Cheers Dot

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello,

    Try selecting "Sidebar Template" for the Welcome page and select "Default Template" for the Comments page if you only want the links to be on the front page. You can read about page templates here:

    Also, what exactly did you mean by your profile?

  3. Thank you for replying micahcooksey.

    I tried what you suggested but I still ended up with links on the Comments page which I did not want. In the end, I deleted all the links and started over. As there were not many posts on the blog it did not matter, and all is back how I wanted it.
    Thanks anyway, Dot

  4. @tauposeniornet
    There's a comprehensive article on the features of the Twenty Eleven theme that I can recommend to you.

  5. Thanks for that timethief!

  6. You're welcome. :)

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