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How do others find my post on your site?

  1. Hi-my user name is otisbaseball. I published a post about my company " College Baseball Placement Services". How do I find my post on your site? How do others on the site read my post? Thanks for your help. Steve

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Google, from other blogs that link to it, from the Global Tag Pages (sometimes) or from social media, provided you do effective social media promotion.

  3. Thank you. How do I add tags to my post that is already published? I would like the post to be tagged under college baseball, athletic marketing, recruiting.

  4. You Edit the post and add them in the sidebar on the right-hand side of the Edit page, but it will have minimal effect, as the tag pages feature newest content. More important is to use them in your posts from now on, and no more than about a dozen on any one post.

  5. So to find my post (which references my website) where do bloggers search for college baseball, athletic marketing and/or recruiting?

  6. What's interesting is I can find our discussion by using Google "college baseball placement" but I'm having difficulty finding my original post

  7. That is because there isn't enough content on your blog yet, and it's too new, for search engines to list it. Blog more. And wait. It can take up to seven weeks for search engines to index sites.

  8. I think I get it. Thanks for your help

  9. I appreciate your advice.-Thanks

  10. Your site is 12 hours old! You have only one post. Google finds things from this forum quickly because it's been online for years. Your site may take weeks or months for them (or other search engines) to index. Here are some things to do to make your site more popular:

  11. Remember also that your site is fighting with millions of other sites for the first page of the search engines

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