How do people find me o Twitter?

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    I would like to know how people who run a search and find my ScienceSprings blog, a WordPress blog, then find their way to the blog’s Twitter account? If anyone can tell me.


    The blog I need help with is



    Put the Twitter widget in the sidebar. That is the easiest way. You can also make a Custom Menu and link to the Twitter account in your header.


    Thanks, got it. But, what \I am asking is about the people who found my Twitter page prior to you guys helping me out with the widget.




    There is a search utility at Twitter!/search-home and maybe they used it!/search/ScienceSprings


    Thanks so much. Well, at least now I am giving them the Twitter widget right on the page.

    Another question, how do I get a “Like” me on Facebook widget? I found the widget but could not get the proper construction of the link. After I did the widget with what I thought was the correct link, , I get a message on the blog post page that this was not a usable link.

    Thanks again.



    See here for Facebook integration >


    Thanks, but for the life of me I cannot get a URL to work. I have tried, and …com/richard.mitnick. Can someone just give me the proper construction of the URL?



    Maybe I am confusing people. I already have a Facebook widget on my blog, I use it to manually put my blog posts onto Facebook so that can pick the thumbnail pictures.

    What I want is a “Like Me” button, if that is possible.




    The Facebook like box widget here can only be used for fan pages and not for profile pages. Are you sure you entered the correct URL for a fan page?


    No. That is exactly the point. I cannot figure out what is the correct URL for a Fan page.

    If someone could give me the proper construction of it, I would really appreciate it.


    I think I am barking up the wrong tree. Apparently a Facebook Fan Page is different from a normal Facebook page, which is what I have.

    I do not need a second Facebook page.

    So, if I am correct that the pages are different, that I cannot put a “Like Me” widget on my existing Facebook page, then that’s the end of it.



    If you have a personal profile, not a Fan Page, you cannot get Likes. You can get Friend Requests.


    Yes, I managed to figure that out after wasting a lot of time. I went to some searches with Facebook as the subject and discovered that a Fan page is a different page than I have.

    I am not really too disappointed, I think for the environment of my blog, which is world wide basic research and also Astronomy, Twitter is much more important than is Facebook, and you guys helped me with the Twitter thing, which I very much appreciate.

    So, this is resolved.

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