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how do people find my articles that are already on wordpress?

  1. if people like one of my articles, does it mean it came out on freshly pressed?
    do you send an email when you are on there?
    what is the protocol of thanking someone who has liked one of your articles?thanks,.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi, focusedfox! Yes, If you're featured on Freshly Pressed, you'll get an email from us first letting you know.

    It sounds like people are finding your blog on their own, which is great! There's no set protocol for responding to someone who "Likes" you, although it's always nice to pay a return visit to their blog.

  3. bybelverskille

    Some time ago I automatically was taken to a page with the freshly pressed blogs of the day, the moment I logged out. That was wonderful, but somehow I lost this feature. How do I go about to have it reinstated again.
    Is there any way I could bring my blog ( ) under your attention for consideration for "Freshly Pressed"? My blog is not of common interest, but has content that would interest the more serious Christian readers. I study the causes for the differences between older translations of the Bible like the KJV versus modern translations like the NIV.
    God bless,
    Herman Grobler

  4. Hi, bybelverskille! Currently, the Freshly Page page isn't accessible to available users, but you can visit it at any time when you're logged in - just click on the "Freshly Pressed" tab at the top of the home page (where the tabs for the Reader, Your Blogs, etc are).

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