How do people find my new blog?

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    I know this is a dumb question, but I can’t figure out how I can tell others to find my blog. When my friends go to and type the name of my blog into the search engine it doesn’t come up. It doesn’t come up in google either. So what link do I give them so they can access my blog? I can’t find anything in the forums about this and it must be simple.

    The blog I need help with is



    The search engine doesn’t work on blog names. It’s content-based. If you blog regularly, google will index your blog soon. It can take a number of weeks, but if you blog more, it will happen sooner, often as quickly as one day.

    The link to your blog is already connected to your username: Just email them.



    i have my blog. now i need to know how people can sign on to my blog. can they use aol or yahoo to get to me.



    They just use their web browser. Firefox or Internet Explorer or whatever. They don’t need AOL or Yahoo or whatever. If you’re asking whether your blog is visible on search engines, as long as you’ve set it to be visible to search engines, they will pick it up, although it can take up to six weeks.

    People don’t “sign on to” your blog unless it’s private. They just go and read it.



    for me it took a while for it to show up too… patience is good :)

    Once people do find you, then they will *probably* ask how they can subscribe so that they can get any new posts you make directly into their reader mail without having to search for you…

    I asked this question just last week and it’s a few pages into the mist now, so here’s the thread link, cos all the advice I got worked brilliantly…

    Hope that it helps. Oh,one of the threads or links I looked at in the forums in recent months said something like;(paraphrase) the more specific your subject matter is …and therefore the related tags… the higher the chance that you will be further up the Google list.. the more vague and more general.. like “photography” you’ll probably be way back on Google page 200 000 out of a zillion tags of the same subject.

    That made sense to me… and how anything else works? .. it’s all blinking magic :) LOL I’m the village idiot around here who the kings of computing have so far taken pity on and been friendly to… all i’m good for technically speaking is for saying ” welcome to the big wide world of blogging !”

    You’ll get there… you’ll see … just not in the first day :)



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