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how do people get automatically unsubscribed to blog?

  1. Greetings - One of my blog subscribers who I am in regular email contact with reported to me for the second time her 'follow' blog status has been eradicated without her having undone her subscription -- This is a problem for subscribers who will never know they have been somehow automatically dropped from their 'follow' blog status because they will not know they are not receiving their email alerts once a new post is published.

    This woman I mention ASKED me the other day if I had been posting because she was not getting the alerts - and then she went and checked to find she had been unsubscribed.

    Thank you for your assistance
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  2. Howdy,

    Could you please ask such users to contact us directly so that we can look into this?


  3. This is not a helpful response -- when my blog subscribers are dropped automatically without their request it is not likely that they will even know they are dropped. The woman who I do know who has had this happen to her twice does have her own wordpress blog -- so, yes, I can ask that she contact you.

  4. There's really no way for subscribers to be automatically dropped without some action on their end.

    We'll need to communicate with the affected subscribers themselves to track down the problem.

  5. Thank you -

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