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How do people subscribe to your blog?

  1. What is the process or tool for people to subscribe to your blog? I have seen such a toool and other blogs and heard about it from some of the members here. I have also seen a feature that allows me to invite someone to subscribe. However, I have not seen a feature that allows viewers to self-subscribe to one's blog.

    Is there such a feature? How does it work?

  2. Go to your dashboard - > presentation - > sidebar widgets and
    locate the meta widget and drag it into the sidebar. This is your for rss feeds.
    You can also create additional rss feeds with your rss widgets. You drag them into your sidebar, open them and type your http:// into the widget and then on the next line type just the blog name alone without the http:// and the feed part.
    People register with bloglines, feedblitz, etc. etc. (there are many) and they type your url into the names of the site feeds that they want to subscribe to. They will automatically receive your new posts by email.
    You can set how many posts the feed syndication companies draw from your blog site too. dashboard -> options -> reading scroll down to syndication feeds normally they draw 10 of your most current posts. I hope this is clear but if not drmike will throw you a lifeline tomorrow. Or someone else will clarify any problem you have understanding my instructions tonight. :)

  3. Thanks. I'll give that a try.

  4. I did up a cut and paste bit of code that you might want to try for those other services.

  5. How do I apply the code?

  6. -Copy and paste the code into Notepad on your computer
    -Replace the XXXX with the link to your site's feed.
    -Replace the YYYY with the name of your blog removing any quote marks.
    -Place the code into a text widget or seperate page of your choice.

  7. drmike - I tried that code in a text widget and on a page and all I got was "Subscribe for each link.

  8. WordPress is doing something funky to the code. I'll stick up a *.txt page on one of my sites later this afternoon and link to that instead.

    I need to remove a couple of those anyway since they've desided to spam me. :(

    Sorry about that.

  9. Is subscribing to a person's site the same as RSS feeds like with Bloglines?

  10. Yes, the RSS feed is just going through a third party if you use Bloglines.

  11. WordPress is doing something funky to the code. I'll stick up a *.txt page on one of my sites later this afternoon and link to that instead.

    Cool! I'll be looking for it.

  12. I went to your example page and viewed source and then cut out everything except the links and posted it.

    I looks like it works okay.

    I put it up here:

    Please let me know which ones need to be removed.

    Thank you,

    That is about the best bit of code I have used this week.

  13. quotes - I'm not clear why you have put drmikes rss codes for subscription buttons in a post which will eventually move off your main page as you make new posts.

    Please look at the sidebar on my blog where the same thing has been done in a text widget which was exactly what drmike intended for its use

  14. TT-look again. They are on a separate page.

  15. Ahhh Vivian you're quite right. I apologize to quotes for not looking closely enough.

  16. I have not yet experimented with the widgets. I fear losing some of the information which is already there in the sidebar. When I get a chance, I will try playing around with the sidebar widgets and see about putting those subscribe buttons on each page. I did that on another WordPress Blog which is on its own domain.

  17. drmike you said this:

    WordPress is doing something funky to the code. I'll stick up a *.txt page on one of my sites later this afternoon and link to that instead.

    I need to remove a couple of those anyway since they've desided to spam me. :(

    Sorry about that.
    Posted: 2006-07-07 13:58:38 #

    I wanted to do this in a text widget on my coyotes blog so I'm asking two questions

    (1) Have you stuck up a *.txt page yet? If so please provide the link.
    (2) Which ones spammed you? And do you recommend that I delete them from my main blog text widget?

    P.S. I've got customers coming and going so communication will be hit and miss but I'll be checking the forum whenever I can.

  18. I am having trouble adding buttons to my sidebar, I am getting null images when I do this. If some
    one could help I sure would appreciate it! Thanks!

  19. onecoolsoul - drmike won't be available until tomorrow. Others are having the same problem too.

    drmike said: WordPress is doing something funky to the code.

    Let's be patient and wait for him to get back to us on this tomorrow, okay?

  20. Sounds good enough to me! Thanks timethief! I was a little bit frustrated at trying to add buttons to the blog. Once again thanks!

  21. Yeah, I gotta fix it. It's on my to do list.

  22. Thanks Dr Mike you do a very good job here.

  23. Fixed.

    Please remember to save the *.txt file as a *.txt file without any encoding. :)

    edit: Demo up at Coyotes

  24. Hi all. Very new to WordPress and I want to allow people to subscribe to my blog as well. However, the code that drmike posted is now a 404 file not found.

    I'm totally lost.


  25. G'Morning
    This is where to go for blog promotion tips

    This is where to go specifically for the code to add rss feed subscription buttons

    The demo is now at this link. I have chosen to put these on a page but you can also put them into a text widget and display them in your sidebar.

  26. TT and drmike, I see two wrong things at "rss subscription feeds part 2" post:

    1) The demo blog, is no longer available. :(

    2) "After I posted this, I realialized that we’re not allowed to post *.png files to the sidebar over at". Yes you can have .png images in your sidebar! take a look to my blog's sidebar, I have the the CC Licence image as png file.

  27. @jaroche
    You're right, this is an "old" thread and things do change. Information in forum threads isn't "wrong but it can become out-dated. :)

    If you look at my post just above yours I have included a link to the new location of the demo and I'm expecting that drmike will check this thread and make the required changes when he is online.

  28. Yes I note it, an old thread :P.

    Also could check your demo link because it goes to bloggersblurt's administrative pages :S

    Thank you, happy blogging :)

  29. Good catch! Thank you :D
    The link is now fixed ... I need a coffee ...

  30. jijiji :D I love the cappuccinos

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